Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am NOT Carrie Bradshaw

"Sex and the City - Abu Dhabi"

Hey loves, 

I'm finally back on my MacBook after a few technical difficulties that had the doll out of commission for a few days; well I am back and here to deliver my week scoop on "Abu Dhabi and me". iPhoto and I had a fight, and he deleted all of my pictures...ALL 4000+ of them. The team at Apple Care were useless but my sister, the IT Pro, saved the day. 

The Good

I've been here about two weeks, three days and have had my share of challenges. The preparation to move to the other side of the world was enough stress for years. After arriving to a NOT 5-Star hotel, being assigned less than stellar accommodations, and reliving freshman year as a 30 something year old, I needed spa time. 

There's a magnificent resort called St. Regis Saadiyat Island that offers an array of services that spoke to my needs. They had specials that couldn't be resisted; facials, massages, private jacuzzi, and everything that's inclusive of royal treatments. 

There are a few pictures on my Facebook Page.

My week in pics...

OK. I still don't have the picture sizing issue they're too small.

Morning walk at the hotel

Morning coffee

Fudruckers in Abu Dhabi

Good morning Abu Dhabi

Ikea - Abu Dhabi

Mall Nail Salon

The Bad

My housing issue is still an issue which makes everything an issue. Looking at the "bright side" is looking into the dark. The order of business is slow as hell and is on the coattail of a snail's ass. I'd love to report that I'm having a "Carrie Bradshaw" experience but that would be a farce and there are enough misleading, one-in-a-cold-chance-in-hell presentations on how life is here. You'd have to digest 20 oz cylinder of salt to have that ONE experience that everyone thinks they will have.

Below is the other extreme and my experience so far. From conversations, my experiences are more common than not and other people's fall somewhere in the middle. So if you want to come here, consider ALL that you read, not just that one "show 'n glow" because BAYBAY, it ain't that.

Click to make images larger.

Can you imagine my horror when I saw that. There aren't words to describe the collective feelings of those who were assigned to this nonsense. 

The company is receptive to our obvious concerns and let's pray and create a sense of peace in solving this issue.

The Indifference 

Above I mentioned above, this felt like freshman year. My freshman year, way back in the 90s, was fantastic. Freshman year as a 30 something, is not fantastic. I am ready to leave this hotel and get to my own place (well as soon as I get one). Living among women is never a cool situation. There are families and some men but it does not take away the enormous vibration of estrogen in the air. BARF X 1000.

I did manage to attend some nice events this week, I'll report on them soon.

See you all next week for my weekly installment of Abu Dhabi and me.

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Hey Reginia!
I'm sorry your housing situation isn't worked out yet! Wishing you well!

I'm really enjoying all of your pictures via instagram.

As a far the picture sizing are you using the editor in post editor? I usually resize my pics there after I've resized them on my mac.

I hope everything gets better soon!

Aww,I hope they hurry up and get your housing soon. Can't wait to read/see more of your updates.

Sorry to hear about your living conditions. I hope that the other experiences you get there will provide a better view.

Geez! I hope the housing situation gets better soon! Girl I know what you mean about living with a bunch of women. That's why I don't do roommates!

Thanks Inez. I am going to try this tonight. I can NOT let MacBook Pro and iPhoto beat me at this. LOL @Inez

I hope the housing situation gets better but at least you found a decent spa. Can't wait to hear more

Hoping your situation gets better!

Wow im new to your blog but congrats on your move even though it hasn't been going so well. it seems so exciting. thanks so much for commenting on my blog!


Fashion Steele NYC

I hope things get better. In the US we take for granted the service and accommodations...

I'm sorry to hear that everything is not what you thought it would be. I really hope things begin look up for you.

Thank everyone for your support. Still in the deciding phase and hoping for a change in the right direction.

that's awful! what is your job there?

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