Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Girl on the Go; Stylish Accessories

Dubai's financial district

Since arriving to the UAE almost three weeks ago, it seems like I haven't had a moments rest. As soon as I arrived, I had to hit the ground running to take care of business on this end. Being a new resident, that means that I had to hail taxis or be driven everywhere. YES, women can drive but I haven't bought a car yet nor obtained an UAE Driver's license (which takes a while).

When I go out on errands or excursions, I have to prepare for a long day; which means packing several things in my bag. In Atlanta, because I drove everywhere, I typically carried my keys and Coach Wristlet.

Now the story is different. I need something a bit larger. I still have my wristlet but I also need a bag big enough for water, passport, iPhone and/or iPad (for tons of pics), lipgloss, wipes (to stay fresh), mints, gum, and copies of documents until I get my Emirates ID.

I did not bring a lot of totes, I only brought one, a mid-sized Chanel tote but it's not doing the job.

I need suggestions on what's the best tote for a girl on the go. It needs to be large, not humongous, stylish, and neutral so I can blend with a variety of outfits.

These are my choices; (add your links in the comments sections)

Minky Snake Tote by Juicy Couture

kipp Tote - Tory Burch

Do you like any of these? If not, help me find a tote. 

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I adore the 2nd option. It's stylish, neutral, and can hold all of the items you've mentioned with no problem! And I think I want one just like it lol

the second option is the my favorite!

Wow, I know you are making a major adjustment! Keep those Instagram pic's coming I thoroughly enjoy them!

But, yup, I agree... The 2nd one is my FAVE!


I'm a Coach girl and I LOVE that bag! I might have to look for that one for myself!

Love the coach or the tory burch. Travel safely and continue to keep us updated :)


ooh I love the 2nd and 3rd. They look fabulous!


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