Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drop Dead Diva

Check out one of my favorite Lifetime shows, Drop Dead Diva with my BFF Star Jones, Nancy Grace, and Kim Kardashian. I'm a bit tickled that Kim's character is "Back Behind Bars" in Episode 12.

Kim Kardashian is Back and Behind Bars on Drop Dead Diva (Season 4, Episode 12) - August 26 on Lifetime 9/8c from Cashmere TV/Film Promo on Vimeo.

Are you a fan of Drop Dead Diva?

Tags: "Drop Dead Diva" "Star Jones" "Kim Kardashian" "Nancy Grace" "Lifetime TV"


I will check this show out. I've seen bits and pieces of it but I would love a new show to watch. Thanks for sharing :)

With Love,

I have never seen this show. Looks interesting.....I hope I have time to check it out.

This is one of my faves as well!

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