Thursday, August 16, 2012

Creating a Flawless Foundation Routine - guest post by Ms. Drea

Fresh Face: Creating a Flawless Foundation Routine

Is your foundation application living up to its fullest potential?  Sometimes, we may find that our application has no lasting power.  Or perhaps, we notice that the shade of foundation we're using may be a little "off" in recent photos.  A great way to optimize the look of our foundation is to perfect our foundation routine.  In this post, I will share with you five pointers on creating a flawless foundation routine for yourself.
IMPORTANT:  Before we begin, first consider the purpose of your foundation.  Are you using it to balance an uneven skin tone? Do you use it to cover up dark spots or scars?  This is something you want to ask yourself, so that you are able to get desired results from your application.  And always remember, foundation is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.  

1.  Choose a Skin Care Routine That Works for You.
Every great foundation routine begins with a fresh face.  One must not sacrifice proper skin care and use foundation as a "quick fix" for skin care problems.  With research, one can find the perfect skin care regimen for his or her skin.  
Are you overwhelmed by the wealth of skin care products that flood the market, promising perfect results?  Before you run out to the store after seeing a commercial or two, first take note of your skin and its needs.  Then, choose products that work specifically for their skin care type and skin care problems. 
Avon Anew is an excellent skincare line that offers complete regimens packaged for specific needs.  To learn more about these products visit my Avon e-store at
2.  Get "Prepped" by Priming.
After getting a clean, moisturized face, apply makeup primer.  For a smooth canvas and longer lasting coverage, adding primer to your repertoire is a must.  Some of my favorites are Makeup Forever Microfinishing HD Primer, e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer, and Milk of Magnesia.  You would be surprised how long-lasting my foundation is when first applying the MoM!

3.  Choose the Right Foundation.
Choosing the right foundation begins with knowing your shade.  Not choosing the correct one is the number one mistake in poor foundation application. When shopping for foundation, if possible, one should test the foundation along the jawline to see if it blends with your tone.  And if you order foundation online like I do, you might find websites like useful. helps you find the perfect shade by adding foundations you already use to match shades of popular brands found in their vast database.  
Also, be sure to use the right finish for your skin type.  Those with oily skin may opt for foundation with a matte finish, while those with dry skin may look for a liquid foundation with a dewy finish that offers the hydration their skin needs, for example.
And lastly, choose the right coverage according to your needs.  If you need a full coverage, sheer coverages will do nothing for you. Over-application of a lesser coverage will give you a cakey look.  
4.  Don't Forget to Conceal.
To add a light touch of perfection, I suggest adding concealer to your face after applying foundation.  This works especially if you want to cover dark spots.  Make sure to blend concealer into the foundation and finish with a powder to ensure that the blending is seamless.

5.  Create a Flawless Finish.
The key to creating a flawless finish is making sure your foundation is set properly.  Many opt for a translucent powder for setting, such as e.l.f. StudioHD Powder or Make Up Forever Microfinish HD Powder.  Translucent powders have no color, thus have a more natural finish.  On the other hand, some look for a color-correcting powder for finishing.  Ben Nye's Banana Luxury Powder is one of my favorites because it tends to balance any unevenness I've gotten while blending my foundation.
To accompany this flawless complexion, one might use a finishing spray to lenghten coverage time.  Sprays such as Urban Decay's All Nighter and Model in a Bottle allow your foundation to last for hours on end without shine, adding extra durability to your setting powder.  Makeup stays put for as long as you would like!

Do you have a foundation routine of your own?  If you have any tips and tricks I may have left out, please feel free to share them in the comments.  How do you keep your foundation looking flawless?



I literally posted this today!! Go see! Loving your IG pics & blog comment

My goodness, you so did! We were on the same vibration. I appreciate Drea for pinning his post for me, I hope she forgives me for posting it a bit late. The time change is difficult. Thanks abt IG. It's so quick and easy

I needed this. I am so not a makeup girl but really try to at least put something on to even out my skin tone and dark spots. I really need to head over to a makeup counter and get properly sized up for my foundation color and stop relying on the drugstore colors!! I also want to learn how to do my eyebrows. This gives me a great starting point. I love going for the dewy look.

I soooo needed this!! I'm not much of a makeup girl because it never seems to last! Im going to follow some of these tips for sure!

Thank you so much for these tips!! I think I might try that mom.

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