Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Consider the Source

"Consider the source"

I'm sure this is a phrase that you've heard a few times in your lifetime; I know I have and it's ringing particularly true right now.

This past week has been more than an eye-opener for me.

As I've said about 50-11 so far, I've moved to Abu Dhabi. I had great expectations for the experience but so far it's been a bit of a disappointment. Considering that Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest city in the world, I expected greater hospitality, horns of fanfare, and the complete red carpet treatment. However, the realty of it all is that those variables are for Nationals and all others are considered "the help" of sorts.

Upon arrival, all of the new hires are in hotels. The hotels are nice but not 5 star as indicated by those who've gone through this process before...thus my title, "Consider the source". When I arrived, I expected US 5 star NOT international 5 star. If you've traveled, you know there's a huge difference. This hotel is comparable to an upgraded Sheraton or Marriott..maybe. Again it's nice, but it's not my idea or experience of five star.

Secondly, everyone's reasons for trying international teaching and education are different. For me, I simply wanted to try something else. In the US, I am a home owner, gainfully employed, and had a comfortable lifestyle. I wasn't running away from bad relationships or underemployment which is probably another reason I'm quite disappointed in the series of events here versus what others are experiencing.

Many that I've chatted with here are in complete awe of things. They are impressed with things that I consider standard or normal. I'm not sure why it irritates that hell out of me, but it does. Perhaps I'm an undercover snob or I'm just irritated by basic acting people. Typically, I don't ramble on this blog or post too many personal things but perhaps you guys can give me an objective opinion on the following;

  1. I'm here, it's OK but not what I expected.
  2. I have a job, decent money but I did at home as well.
  3. The housing accommodations are NOT equal and my housing is just short of shit.
  4. I've met people that um..well...I wouldn't normally talk to and I crave regular people like my Atlanta girls.  (It's A LOT of Atlanta people here but not like my Atlanta girls unless I've yet to meet them.)
  5. I guess I could stick it out, suck it up, live for the travel, but umm ________
  6. YES, I'm complaining, frustrated, and need my readers to get their girl on track. 

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Welp.....I could tell you were not happy just by your tone on the blog I can only imagine. If you signed a contract then you will have to stick it out but afterwords we will gladly welcome you back with open arms.

It's so frustrating to be in a situation that's less than my standard. If teachers wouldn't accept this vast difference, they would probably raise the bar and provide equitable housing, The gap is like Buckhead vs Vine City. If they can sort the housing out to my satisfaction, I can parlay the rest into greatness.

Oh, contacts can be and then US.

You are brave for even giving this move a try! Try to hold on for as long as you can. I don't know anyone who has been there to get feedback.

Oh I completely understand the housing thing. I did a travel assignment and they put me in housing with crack heads and dirty floors. OH HELL NO. It took me a week, but after I got through, a five star hotel it was for the next two months. The job itself and the people I had to work with were horrible. But decent housing made it all possible.

T - I want to stay here, truly I do. I can manage all of the differences and personalities if the housing is correct. The opportunity is a small platform for other things I would like to do, but they really need to get the housing in order.

RD - I am in agreement. The variables with work are expected but pleasant housing makes things doable. I can't execute peak performance when my mood is compromised because of housing. They need to do better. I'm going to continue to work on it but also prepared to roll out too.

@Dr. Reginia; The Social Mistress

Maaaan..It is true.. because people have participated in the program in the past expected "just enough" they kept that as the standard. hang in there.
At least you dared to try and see it for your self. I know exactly how it is when you are w/ a group of people sharing a some what new experience in a new environment and they are fascinated with the smallest things while you are expecting and hoping for SO much more. Hang in there as long as you can and you always come back. nothing in life is forever.

I pray that all problems get speedy solutions and your experiences provide personal elevation, enrichment and positive people to support your success in learning the lessons you need to know! Ase'O!

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