Thursday, August 30, 2012

Political Girl; Misogynistic World

An election year always brings out the "best" in candidates. They showcase their idealistic views on health, education, social statuses, energy, and this year's theme, the economy. Many of these ideas are so far fetched that no one in their circles believes the rhetoric.

Within the last few weeks, politicians shared their views on the woman's womb, rape, abortion, and issues that they have absolutely no foundation for asserting suggested legislation.

Some feel that discussing politics is a No-No and should be saved for chat with friends. However, for [female] Americans and other democracies, discussing politics as well as exercising your right to vote keeps your choices about your womb just that, yours.

I support my current president. He has done well with the plate that was handed him. I do not agree with his position on a few issues particularly immigration, some portions of health care, and the economy. However, overall, he's done well.

What I'd like to assert, there are seats for the Supreme Court that may become available during the next term, your next president and that seat will plant roots for long term decisions.

Be Well.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's the Apps? - Smartphone Fever

Smartphone fever hit the world by storm. The leaders in smartphone mania are iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The things that make smartphones great are the Apps. "App" is the abbreviation for application. These application or Apps are used for everything; world weather & time, magazines, photo editing, international calls, fitness, and chat.

My favorite apps for my iPhone 4s are Talkatone, Instagram, Shazam, Nike Training, Dubai Calendar, Twitter, and Pic Collage.

Talkatone lets me call my family and friends from anywhere. Only downside is that they can't call me with Talkatone but they can text. Of course, Instagram is my time favorite. If you follow me, you can see all that's happening in Abu Dhabi. Oh yeah, the Instrgram pics show I've fluffed up a bit, so the Nike Training app will come in handy.

What are your favorite apps? 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Girl on the Go; Stylish Accessories

Dubai's financial district

Since arriving to the UAE almost three weeks ago, it seems like I haven't had a moments rest. As soon as I arrived, I had to hit the ground running to take care of business on this end. Being a new resident, that means that I had to hail taxis or be driven everywhere. YES, women can drive but I haven't bought a car yet nor obtained an UAE Driver's license (which takes a while).

When I go out on errands or excursions, I have to prepare for a long day; which means packing several things in my bag. In Atlanta, because I drove everywhere, I typically carried my keys and Coach Wristlet.

Now the story is different. I need something a bit larger. I still have my wristlet but I also need a bag big enough for water, passport, iPhone and/or iPad (for tons of pics), lipgloss, wipes (to stay fresh), mints, gum, and copies of documents until I get my Emirates ID.

I did not bring a lot of totes, I only brought one, a mid-sized Chanel tote but it's not doing the job.

I need suggestions on what's the best tote for a girl on the go. It needs to be large, not humongous, stylish, and neutral so I can blend with a variety of outfits.

These are my choices; (add your links in the comments sections)

Minky Snake Tote by Juicy Couture

kipp Tote - Tory Burch

Do you like any of these? If not, help me find a tote. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Review Monday - "Cooking with Carolyn"

Today's video is a two fold delight; music to my ears and music to my soul. 
I found "Cooking with Carolyn" last summer as I looked for a new potato salad recipe. I happened upon her video for grilled potato salad and instantly became a fan. 
I've been without a kitchen for a month or so, therefore I haven't had a chance to cook anything. The most the hotel offers is room service and the food court in the adjoining mall. Can we say "over it"? So, it prompted me to look at my favorite YouTubers and I selected Carolyn's Channel. 
Carolyn has such a great spirit and makes a variety of mouth watering dishes. Her channel is fun to watch, engaging, and informative.
As a self-appointed foodie and kitchen scientist, I highly suggest taking a spin over with Carolyn. You'll be glad that you did.
For more information, see Carolyn on Youtube or via her Facebook Fan Page.
All pictures are via Cooking with Carolyn.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drop Dead Diva

Check out one of my favorite Lifetime shows, Drop Dead Diva with my BFF Star Jones, Nancy Grace, and Kim Kardashian. I'm a bit tickled that Kim's character is "Back Behind Bars" in Episode 12.

Kim Kardashian is Back and Behind Bars on Drop Dead Diva (Season 4, Episode 12) - August 26 on Lifetime 9/8c from Cashmere TV/Film Promo on Vimeo.

Are you a fan of Drop Dead Diva?

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am NOT Carrie Bradshaw

"Sex and the City - Abu Dhabi"

Hey loves, 

I'm finally back on my MacBook after a few technical difficulties that had the doll out of commission for a few days; well I am back and here to deliver my week scoop on "Abu Dhabi and me". iPhoto and I had a fight, and he deleted all of my pictures...ALL 4000+ of them. The team at Apple Care were useless but my sister, the IT Pro, saved the day. 

The Good

I've been here about two weeks, three days and have had my share of challenges. The preparation to move to the other side of the world was enough stress for years. After arriving to a NOT 5-Star hotel, being assigned less than stellar accommodations, and reliving freshman year as a 30 something year old, I needed spa time. 

There's a magnificent resort called St. Regis Saadiyat Island that offers an array of services that spoke to my needs. They had specials that couldn't be resisted; facials, massages, private jacuzzi, and everything that's inclusive of royal treatments. 

There are a few pictures on my Facebook Page.

My week in pics...

OK. I still don't have the picture sizing issue they're too small.

Morning walk at the hotel

Morning coffee

Fudruckers in Abu Dhabi

Good morning Abu Dhabi

Ikea - Abu Dhabi

Mall Nail Salon

The Bad

My housing issue is still an issue which makes everything an issue. Looking at the "bright side" is looking into the dark. The order of business is slow as hell and is on the coattail of a snail's ass. I'd love to report that I'm having a "Carrie Bradshaw" experience but that would be a farce and there are enough misleading, one-in-a-cold-chance-in-hell presentations on how life is here. You'd have to digest 20 oz cylinder of salt to have that ONE experience that everyone thinks they will have.

Below is the other extreme and my experience so far. From conversations, my experiences are more common than not and other people's fall somewhere in the middle. So if you want to come here, consider ALL that you read, not just that one "show 'n glow" because BAYBAY, it ain't that.

Click to make images larger.

Can you imagine my horror when I saw that. There aren't words to describe the collective feelings of those who were assigned to this nonsense. 

The company is receptive to our obvious concerns and let's pray and create a sense of peace in solving this issue.

The Indifference 

Above I mentioned above, this felt like freshman year. My freshman year, way back in the 90s, was fantastic. Freshman year as a 30 something, is not fantastic. I am ready to leave this hotel and get to my own place (well as soon as I get one). Living among women is never a cool situation. There are families and some men but it does not take away the enormous vibration of estrogen in the air. BARF X 1000.

I did manage to attend some nice events this week, I'll report on them soon.

See you all next week for my weekly installment of Abu Dhabi and me.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012 (Review)

August signals "Back to School" and a bittersweet end to summer. The stores are filled with families making selections on school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and sale items for their final summer vacation. August is such a month of transition and gives one time to reflect. One of the great things I did this summer was try new products given to me by Influenster.

Influenter is a community of trendsetters, LIKE ME, who receive product samples and share opinions regarding quality and value ~ Dr. R; The Social Mistress

Photo courtesy here

The box included: Always Tampax Radiant Kit, Banana Nut Bread Soft Bake Bars, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo/Conditioner, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration, and Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticle Cream, Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color.

(For detailed photos, check out THIS tumblr page. I haven't figured out how to reduce pics on my MacBook Pro)

My review 

(Honest, independent, and separate from sponsors, brands, and Influenter)

  • Always Tampax Radiant - The carrying case is the cutest. It's perfect for a school aged girl or carrying "personals" to the beach. I use Always pads anyway, so the fit and durability are exactly what I expected...great. I will buy this product again.

  • Banana Nut Soft Bake Bars - I'm allergic to nuts, so I don't have an opinion on this product. My sister enjoyed it but too high in calories.

  • Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo/Conditioner. - First and foremost, these products smell heavenly. I would buy them again so my hair can smell shampoo fresh. I just wanted to run barefoot through a field of violets and lilies after using these. Gezz they smell great. Overall, they were moderately effective. As a reformed product junky, I can't put these on the top of the list because they didn't give the "slip" that I like. Due to my kinky texture, I desire products that are a bit more moisturizing.

  • Hawaiian Silk Tropic Hydration - Thank you for this. It has come in handy since I moved to Abu Dhabi. It smells nice, it's smooth NOT sticky like other protective lotions, and seems to last even in the water. I will try this product again.

  • Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticle Cream. - I rarely use cuticle creams and such so I didn't dabble to heavily into this product. I used it around my toes more but didn't notice a huge difference. I doubt I'll ever purchase this.

  • Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color "Silver Elements". - My first reaction was "ugly". OMG, I so didn't want to try this and I didn't. Just so happen, my mother came to town around the time I received the VoxBox and just like before, she helped me test the products. She so graciously polished one hand, just for her sweet dear daughter, and charted the results. She felt the color was ok, but didn't complement mature hands. The color stayed about 3 days before chipping. I would try this product again but not this color.

So blog sisters and readers, what did you think of your Summer Beauty VoxBox?

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Review Monday - "Redbone Girl" by Eric Benet

 This post comes on the heels of controversy surrounding Eric Benet's latest song, "Redbone Girl". Apparently the masses are up in arms about Eric's ode to the woman with a lighter hue.

You see, in the African-American community, celebrating or paying homage to "light skin" is considered offensive and a variable of self-hate. Throughout history, African-Americans, as well as other people of color, were made to feel ashamed of darker skin. With growth and acceptance, a movement of celebration aligned with darker hues and as usual, pop culture joined the ride.
Pop culture embraced Eric's previous song, Chocolate Legs, as he gave a proclamation of desire to a dark skin woman. Other artists, such as India Arie, note the beauty of one's brown skin. 
As a race of multiple hues and who have endured then became triumphant in regards to race relations, is it valid to have an argument against a song about the beauty of one's huge? 
Can one be celebrated without the assumption of discount upon the other?
Tell me what you think.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Global Jewelry and Accessories

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” 
― Coco ChanelThe Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman

The above motto best describes my fashion motto. My style is fairly classic with a few trendy or ethnic pieces here and there. So, when I chatted with Natalie of Seen Global about her new vintage Sari Bracelets, I just had to feature her work.

Vintage Sari Bracelets by Green Sewn

The latest addition to the SEEN Global collection is a line of vintage sari bracelets handmade from the softest, prettiest vintage saris in New Delhi, India. These new sari bracelets are chic and unique! Each bracelet is one-of-a kind, as the fabrics are cut from different parts of the sari and then hand woven into a bracelet. Hand dipped 14k gold chains or tiny crystals add a fashionable flair to each bracelet, so take your pick!

Saris are the traditional dress of Indian women. Saris are worn draped over the body in various styles and the fabrics are amazing! Mostly made from silk; the colors, patterns and textures are an eye catching beauty!

SEEN Global’ s owner & buyer, Natalie says she “hit the arm party jackpot” when she found these bracelets! “These vintage sari bracelets are the perfect way to infuse culture into fashion, which is what SEEN Global is all about!” says Natalie.
Shop on-line at! 

For one of these great pieces, please contact Natalie at . . @SEENGlobal

I can't wait to sport one of these goregeous bracelets around Abu Dhabi.

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