Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The New Guy; A Personal Challenge

Hey Dudes and Dolls,

I hope all is well. My apologizes yet again for my intermittent posting. Packing, moving, and preparation has gotten the best of me. I am scheduled to leave Atlanta this Saturday. I will have a one week's stay in DC, then I'm leaving in August.

Many ask, "Are you excited?". My response, "Not really." Perhaps anxiety about moving has smothered the feelings of excitement. Secondly, I'm coming to terms with the notion that I will be "The New Guy" again. I loathe the familiarity process and getting to know new work people, or them getting to know me. Idle chit chat and "helpful hints" drive me absolutely insane. Repetition and the toddler treatment get a thumbs down as well.

For those who have met me have kinda figured out that I'm a reserved extrovert. I love going to events, celebrations, parties, and galas, but I typically don't do a lot of small talk. I enjoy absorbing the energy and chatting with a select few.

So again, I'm faced with one of my personal challenges, "The familiarity period". I sort of hate it really. Can it be October already. Bleh.

Perhaps I'll feel better once the moving truck is here, gone, and I'm on that 17+ hour flight.

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I hope that everything goes smoothly for you. It is tough being the new person but just think of the great adventure!

Love the new header!! You have so much going on with moving.. hope it all goes well and hope you find some time for selfcare.. :)
Xo, jewel

*crying* we will miss you. I hope you adjust well and we will always be here for you no matter what journey you take. Good luck

Omg that's so exciting but I totally understand your anxiety level. I'm rooting for you chica!

Same here. I can totally relate with how you are feeling. It seems that the both of us are entering into a season of "newness". I'm looking forward to you sharing more about your experiences during this transition..I'm sure it will help me with my transition as well. Much MUCH success to you, doll!

I know exactly how you feel! It's always scary to step so far outside of your comfort zone. But try not to focus on the parts that will be hard. Focus on what an amazing opportunity and adventure this is!! There will be an adjustment period, but I know you'll be great!

Awwww! Just concentrate on the newness of it all!! The adventure!

That's so funny because I also don't like the "getting to know you" phase. Not into being the new girl either. But good luck on your move, hun!

I feel where you're coming from. That "new guy" experience can be a bit overwhelming. But I'm sure you will adjust just fine and will surely enjoy seeing a new place and meeting new people. Being nervous is natural.

I wish you the best in Abu Dhabi, chica! Don't forget about your blogger girls here ;-)

Oh wow...I wish you well in your move. You will be fine!


I have always hated that first month of starting a new position... the fake "how do you like it here" question asked constantly... obviously no complaints... bc your the new kid on the block and to start suggesting better ways to do things would just come off as bitchy.

Cheers to the new gig, soon enough it will be an old routine ;) and thats not a bad thing.

I can understand that feeling, it isn't always nice being the new guy. On top of that it's a whole new culture to adapt to but I have a feeling that you'll do great. I can't wait to hear all about your new experiences. Good Luck!

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