Friday, July 20, 2012

Pimp My Ride

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If you are a commuter in a major city like I am, you know how grueling a commute can be. My typical commute was 35 minutes one way and much longer in the afternoon especially on Fridays. One of the best ways to deal with my commute was with great tunes or one of the funniest morning shows on air. Typically I listened to my iPad or XM but since I sold my cars in preparation for my move, the rental cars were without AUX connections and XM. Therefore, my AM choices were FM radio.

It wasn't too bad of an experience because I had great options to iTunes and XM.

l to r: Steve Harvey, Russ Parr, Rickey Smiley

My favorite morning show is The Russ Parr Morning Show. Since moving to Atlanta, I haven't had regular access to his show, but when I'm in the DMV, I immediately turn to Russ. Unless you're an extremely talented driver, listening to Russ while driving isn't advised. I could barely keep the wheel straight because he has me cracking up. 

My Atlanta favorites are Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley. If you've ever been to a Steve Harvey or Rickey Smiley show, you know their respective morning shows are more of the same greatness. Steve is incredibly sarcastic and I can only imagine his facial expressions. Rickey...or dear Rickey, I hope All State or Geiko are his sponsors because there's no way that he's never caused a crash. 

I love all three of their shows. Turn in and you won't be disappointed.

Are you a morning show person? Have you ever turned in to either show?


Steve Harvey is hilarious. I used to listen to the Russ Parr morning show too. My favorite is the Elvis Duran Show.

Hey Brandi, I haven't heard of Elvis Duran. I have to look him up.

I love all three of them. I have to say that I enjoy Rickey Smiley's prank calls, LOL! They are hilarious. Steve Harvey's Strawberry letters are good too. Have you heard the prank call Steve and Rickey did on the air? You will cry laughing!!

I love the prank calls. Some of those people get soda and that makes if funny then they'll hang up. Lol then he'll call right back. I didn't hear the one with them together. I bet it's absolutely hilarious

The prank calls are the funniest with Rickey and I love when he calls heaven too funny. I see you didn't mention Frank and Wanda lol they are okay I listen when they talk about good subjects but Wanda get's on my nerve sometimes.

Just the mention of Rickey Smiley name makes me laugh! He is A FOOL! Love hearing him and Steve Harvey in the morning.


lol..I use to listen to Frank & Wanda but...they both just began to annoy

Frankski annoys me to NO END. His voice reminds me of nails on a chalk board. Wanda is too country with all that cackling. I was so happy when Frankski left Baltimore...then I moved to Atlanta and bam here he was again. BLEH

I listen mainly to the Bert Show and to Rickey Smiley on their commercial breaks. I can not do Frank and Wanda. They do nothing for me.

This is my second time hearing about the Bert Show. I have to check him out. I can't stand Frank and Wanda either.

We get all 3 of them in the Baltimore area too and I have to say Ricky Smiley is my fav. I don't think I have ever listened to one of his prank calls without laughing until I cried. But--like you I'm mostly an iPod gal.

I used to listen to Rus Parr in DC back in the day. Remember Olivia Fox??? I remember when they had that fight! I love Ricky Smiley Show. Keeps me awake in the morning otw home!

The prank phone calls are the absolute best. @RD - Olivia Fox was my favorite. It took a minute for Alfredas to grow on me. I still like Olivia of her.

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