Monday, July 2, 2012

Madea's Witness Protection {Review}

Picture it, 2012 and one bored person needs entertainment. That one bored person was me. I hadn't been to the theater since the movie Inception, so I figured it was time to see another film; my pick: Madea's Witness Protection. For the most part, I am not a fan of Tyler Perry's movies but I did enjoy Why Did I Get Married and I think the character Madea is funny but that's the extent of it..

First and foremost, Madea did not disappoint. She was filled with energy and humor which kept the crowd engaged. However, the rest of the movie gets a


I came to the movie bored and left the movie bored. Tyler Perry failed to make necessary connections within the movie. I get that he's trying to diversify his cast, I get he's trying to have universal topics and marketability, but the connections to the Madea brand missed the mark tremendously. 

The movie was about a Jewish Family from the NYC area and the father gets caught up in a work related scheme. Because of this, the family had to relocate to Atlanta for safety. Being a Tyler Perry film, of course Madea is tied to the plan for witness protection. Madea, along with the other characters, slowly move from one scene to the next with the underlying theme of "witness protection". 

The main character was played by Eugene Levy. Levy is known for his comedic style and presentation, however it did not transfer into this film. Also featured were Denise Richards, Romeo Miller, Doris Roberts, and the many faces of Tyler Perry. Besides "Madea" everyone delivered their lines as if this was their first acting gig. The entire movie translated like a Jr. High Romeo & Juliet Play. It was a struggle to stay focused and remain in the theater. This was one bad movie.

I respect Tyler Perry and his ability to penetrate such a hard arena. Hollywood is maintained and fueled by certain groups and HE has broken through tons of barriers. However, it does not make him exempt from critique. I'd suggest that Tyler gets a bit of support with writing since his films are becoming more fluid. He just needs to tidy the scripts a bit and get advice with shooting. I could tell when the characters were actually on location or standing in front of the "green screen". 

Wait until this film comes out on DVD and enjoy it over the Thanksgiving Holiday while chugging wine and spirits.


Girl I totally agree with you! I was highly disappointed. I usually enjoy the majority of his movies but this one gets a big fat F! Idk what happened :(


Well I won't be wasting my money. I heard it was not good. I will wait he has fallen way off these days it's like he is just throwing movies together.

Aww too bad!!! I think he needs to take a pause and regroup.

I mean he does so good...and turns out do many terrible movies.....but he has his audience because it made 26M!

My Mom and I saw Madea last weekend, I laughed however without seeing any other of the Madea movies I didnt have anything to go off of. My Mom tells me that the other Madea flicks are much better than this one was.

Still, I want Madea in my family! Perry was too funny dressed in drag as Madea.

xo Teresa

I haven't spotted this around, but I'll be sure to avoid it after this! Great review!

Lea x

Awesome REVIEW because I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! This will not be added to my home collection of Movies... Sorry! :'(

Love this review because it was a honest critique. I like the Madea character, so I've been anxious to see the film, just haven't had the chance. After reading your review and others I might wait until the Redbox release.

Hugs and Mocha,

I'm glad I didn't rush out to see this plus I get to review movies all the time but for some reason Tyler Perry always opts out for red carpet premiers here or advanced screenings, hmm? Whats up with that? Oh well, better luck next time.

I actually posted about this myself...this movie reeked. I had to keep from nodding off several times! I wish I had gone to see spider man or something :/

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