Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's a Party; Arm Party

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Hey Ladies!!!!

It's a party, it's a PAR-TAY.

One of the hippest trends in fashion is the display of multiple bangles, bracelets, and watches...commonly referred to as the "arm party". If you're a fan of fashion blogs and follow the trendiest in fashionistas, you've seen hundreds of arms flanked with multiple bracelets.

Arms parties give the fashionista as well as Boring Betty punches of color and bling. They can take an outfit from 0-hot damn in a matter of seconds. I've seen arm parties tricked out with everything from Coach, Tiffany, Dior, and Clare's.

In my opinion, and everyone knows that I have multiple, an arm party can certainly set an outfit off...both good and bad. There's a specific sophistication and algorithmic flair to successfully creating an arm party. I am certainly not the one to tell you how to make it happen because my single party of choice is either my silver or gold Tiffany & Co. bracelet.

Are you loving the arm party or are you sporting a tricked out play for one?


I agree that it's a hit or miss thing! It has to be done right or it just looks a bit naff! The top picture here is beautiful, the colours really pop!

Lea x

I love a good arm party. I think it really depends on the individual and the outfit. I like both of the pictures here. I don't know if I could pull of the second one but it looks great on her arms!

I love the arm party in concept but it is often overdone to the point that it looks tacky. I love arm parties paired with simple outfits and when it is execute right they are GORGE!

I've never seen it done right! LOL. I
m just a one piece girl. By the way, I've only been reading your blog on my phone, this is the first time i've seen the redesign! I love it!

I've seen one or two that are nice looking but overall it looks pretty junky to me. I seen some stack about 20 Clare's style bracelets.

I believe in the arm party and attend as often as possible. I am having a hard time really getting out the box and mixing them like some of the photos but you heard what he said at Neiman's we need to be doing arm curls and piling them on!

totally love this!

This is great! :D
I followed u on GFC/BlogLovin, follow back?

I'm loving this trend! Esp the pink combo above. love love love. and new follower! Hope to see u on my blog sometime, too! xoxo

Ohhh i love bracelets and making so called arm party :)

Nice blog <3

Ijust followed you, hope you can follow me back <3

Cool blog post. I'm a major devotee of the arm party! It adds instant/cool glam to your outfit.

Quiet Luxury

I ah-DORE the arm party. I'm not generally flashy with my jewelry, usually opting for stud earrings; a simple necklace or no necklace at all; and one ring on one finger of my right hand. LOL. So the arm party is where I feel it's okay to get a little crazy! For me, it is literally just a little--I think the largest number of bracelets I've worn at once is probably somewhere around 6p. And I like to layer my real jewelry with costume jewelry as well. There are, however, some bloggers that I see who really do a great job of layering with tons and tons of bracelets and for them, it works well.

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