Friday, July 13, 2012

The Happiest Hour (Encore Post)

Hey dudes and dolls,

After a long week of never ending packing, I'm tired. I need a cocktail or five. Therefore, I will pay homage to a margarita at someone's happy hour. I'm leaving Atlanta in two weeks and two days. 

But today...oh today, I need a break. It's nails, toes, massage, and happy hour.

What is your drink and appetizer of choice?

                                                                                                     The Encore


The Happiest Hour

The happiest hour is happy hour. 

Happy hour is a meeting of friends and colleagues to celebrate the end of a work day/week. It is typically between the hours of 4 - 7 pm and hosted by bars, restaurants, pubs, and lounges within the city. Happy hour  offers half priced drinks with discounted or free appetizers. 

Happy hours vary location and city. Some locations are extremely casual in which jeans and relaxed wear are appropriate. Some happy hour spots are slightly more upscale and the attire is professional: meaning no jeans or athletic wear. Knowing the pulse of the venue prior to arrival will help to your maximize happy hour experience. Your mood, motivation, and attire should drive your happy hour selections. Below are a few suggestions on making the most of your happy hour experience.
Happy hour is the happiest hour. - Refresh before happy hour. If heading to happy hour right after work, refresh your appearance and attitude. Refresh your smile/breath/hair/clothing. Drink a glass of water to hydrate which will also decrease chances of intoxication. Feeling good on arrival will help in feeling swell while there. 

Take the pulse. - Each happy hour location has a unique vibe. If you desire something a little less fussy, try a casual place like a chain restaurant such as The Cheesecake Factory, Chili's, or local catina. These places are jean and sneaker friendly. If you desire something a bit more upscale, try lounges within hotels or upscale bars. Here you will find attendees in professional and trendy dress.

Know your limits. - Understanding your limits on alcohol intake is important. If you are out with friends and especially colleagues being "tipsy" is not attractive. Most importantly, remain within a clear mind. Maintain the ability to make sound decisions. Who wants to wake up next to John Q. Who the next day?

Carry cash. - This helps to minimize confusion on dividing the tab while protecting your credit card information.

Seize the moment. - A variety of people attend happy hour. Be yourself, but be prepared to make connections and network. However, being over zealous or appearing "thirsty" is a turn off. Read body language. Opportunities are everywhere.

Where are you having happy hour today?


Great post hun! Omg about your impending move! I know you're excited and maybe just a tad bit melancholy at the same time. I hope to travel to Dubai and if I make it I'm hitting you up ;-)

I don't drink but I sure would like to spend my happy hour at someone's spa!

My woman loves Chili's, TGIF, among other eateries. Hmm. I hardly ever drink anything more than a Pinot Noir to wash down my food. She likes Sangria and ANY kind of margarita. Lol.

Appetizer? Fried Zucchini, Fried Cheese, Eggrolls, Nachos.

my fave drink would probably be a HUGE glass on Pinot Grigio with artichoke dip!!love this post!!enjoy your time girl!!lol

My fave drink is a green apple martini and my fave appetizer is Calamari

wow love happy hour, my fave drink is mojito

I looooove a chocolate martini. I recently heard about a cake batter martini. I'm trying to get my hands on one of those!!

Thanks for the ideas. I haven't ever had some of these and will try them soon.

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