Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gay is the New Publicity

Apparently I was asleep under the social media rock when the memo was passed about gay being the new publicity. It seems that more and more entertainers feel the need to announce their sexuality to the world. Recently, would be singer and entertainer, Frank Ocean, announced that he's bi-sexual.

Quite frankly, LOL, who cares? With a void in R&B music, no one really cares who you choose to sleep with or love. Your goal as an entertainer, just in case you missed the memo Frank, is to provide hit music with great tunes that appeal to mass audiences. Quite frankly, I'm a bit disgusted with your media camp and the decision to release the "big reveal" just weeks before your new album. Yes the announcement created a buzz but not for longevity purposes. If you don't make hits, you will be known as the boy who announced bi-sexuality on social media. Therefore, unless you're a porn star, a sexual buzz isn't exactly good PR. 

My suggestion, get a better PR team and focus on making good music. That's your goal right? In closing, Gay is NOT the new publicity because no one really gives a damn.

Sing or shut up.


I know everyone is coming out as if that makes a difference. Produce good music that's what I want to hear.

Say that!!!!! Enuff said... I wanna hear good music I could careless about who's bumping or creeping with you! Same goes for Ball Players, Rappers, and anyone in the entertainment biz!!!!! Give me the goods for what I pay you for!!!!! #Geesh

I never actually heard him make that announcement. I think it was more people misreading what his intentions were and running with it. He's always had controversial/metaphorical music that was a lot deeper than surface and never once tried to defend who he is as a person. I really could care less but my point is I never heard him say it himself as a direct statement so I didn't give into the hype. And PR overall should be better at pushing authentic talent...because even if he did come out and say something like that, it's sad that artist with talent have to go to such extremes to FINALLY be noticed.


He or his representives were a biit reckless on Twitter because the subsequent comments from him were quite childish. The people who work for him represent his brand even if he didn't initially say it, he did eventually say it. He's not the first artist to have "greater than surface" music so he doesn't get kudos or a pass because of this faux pas. If you follow his twitter you will see the childish dialog he has regarding his sexuality. He needs to have a seat.

My thoughts exactly. His music was already good enough, he didn't have to create buzz by coming out. While I do think it is a great thing for a young African American male to show that it's okay to be who you are, I don't think he should have done it to sell records. His album release date has been pushed up a week and is currently streaming online. Due to his talent he would have been fine without using his sexuality.

I do think it was a plot to sell more records, however I am confused at the backlash he got for "coming out" when so many people complain about down low men. I would listen to your music regardless of sexuality but I like open gay/bi sexual guys....I will be so happy when Kanye stops pretending he's straight. But I agree that it was a tacky way to sell more albums.

LOL @ Kanye pretending that he's straight. Kanye annoys me to NO end. I've never like him, his music, or his disposition. He's a bama at best.

@ Style4Curves, I agree that men need to be upfront regarding their sexuality when entering into a relationship. I just don't think that "coming out" is necessary to the masses. People should feel comfortable being who they are. I think it's an odd measure. Unless he's selling sex, listeners couldn't care less.

Okay. I'm afraid that this is a slight problem with the straight population.

It may well be the case that he has released this for publicity, I'm not arguing that. It also may have been a very hard and heart wrenching decision. He may have mentioned loving a man on his album and wanted to clear it up before it was heard. There could be a million different reasons. To conclude that his reason was solely for the purpose of the album is unfair.

People who are living in the closet are in dire need of role models, people just like this. People to look up to and to prove that gay is not a stereotype.

Until you have been in that position, it's not fair to judge. How do you know you wouldn't do things differently? I know that for me people like this are an inspiration and were a source of strength for me when I came out. Whether they spin it to be a positive thing for themselves or not.


THIS!!!! Girl I'm so in your corner with these public sexual preference declarations. Frank and Anderson Cooper are really doing the most. All I want Frank to do is to sing and Anderson....what does your status have to do with reporting the news??? Good grief! If ure trying to encourage others to come out of the closet, volunteer or organize a seminar. I do not need to know....or do I care!!!

Lea, I am in agreement that role models are needed for the youth and young adults. It's 2012, there are a wealth of local as well as celebrity gay role models this is why I feel that it was part publicity.

Gay is not a disease and IMO, there's no need to feel ashamed so a public "coming out" doesn't resonate with me at all. I am fairly liberal and have a ton of empathy for civil rights issues. I'm not an avid listener of Frank Ocean but it is speculated there are same sex references in his new release. With as much publicity as gay rights get and the openness of society, I don't think his target audience would have been shocked when they heard him sing out loving a man.

I feel that public declarations minimizes the struggle.

I wasn't surprised by his announcement. Nothing surprises me anymore for that matter. I'll be more surprised when he "comes out" with a song I like. Dude's voice just sounds tired to me, like straight up sleepy. LOL!

This is really bad but I have no idea who this is. Your orientation these days is no longer a secret...in this country, it doesn't really seem like it is such a big deal. Besides...speculators are waiting for the announcement because "they already know." you know?? lol!

I agree with you. Of all the PR tactics to use...wow

I hope it wasn't a PR stunt, but I wouldn't be surprised. For me the person's sexual preference doesn't impact how I feel about their music. If it is good it is good regardless of the person behind it.

Thank you for saying what I was thisclose to speaking. no offense to Frank Ocean, but I can't even read current news w/o constant barrages of articles about his sexuality, which is unfortunate because why do people really care that he is or isn't gay? Lol.


Bravo, yes! While I'm glad people are comfortable being who they are, I don't need anyone to announce their sexuality to me. That's their buisness and not mine. It seems he's getting more attention for his announcement than his music. I'm not a fan of that.

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