Friday, June 22, 2012

Wonder Twin Power; Activate! Tia & Tamera Mowry

I've lived under an entertainment rock for the past year because I am just getting into the Tia and Tamera Show. My Twitter peeps and some of my other friends who live in my computer have chatted about Tia & Tamera but I didn't take heed. It is perhaps that I was swamped under mounds of "other" reality TV.

I've learned that this show has been on for quite some time and I've missed out on a years worth of greatness. I've been a fan of the twins since their days as the curly head teens on Sister, Sister. Like many others, I've admired how they've kept their brand modern and fresh. Though their new show gives an intimate glimpse of their lives, it is without cut throat drama and poor presentation. Therefore, for the rest of the summer, in between packing and preparing for my move to Abu Dhabi, I will catch up on every single Tia & Tamera show. 
Life couldn't be great if I didn't.


I love their reality show! I DVR it. It is so great to see that they are still successful and supportive of each other.

aww sis you're only one season down, so you're good.

Yea this is a really great show. I love shows that promote positivity amongst women and I really wish TV had more of them. Also check out Empire Girls on Style...I think you would like their show too.


It is a great show I have it dvr'ed its a nice change from the norm.

i LOVE these girls...they remind me of my sister and i so much!! they are awesome!

I loved this show! Sister Sister! And now I am glad they're making a comeback!

I can watch Sister Sister reruns over & over! I haven't had a chance to watch their show but I'm glad they are doing great things! I wonder what ever happen to their brother? The lil kid that played smart guy!

i was a total fan of their sis/sis show as a child. they've grown to be beautiful women and i'd love to tune into this new show! thanks for the heads up, doc! :) hope you have a nice week, r. :)

*raises hand* You are not alone. I haven't tuned into a single episode. I'm so shame because I have watched that other ratchet reality mess. I will do better.

Hugs and Mocha,

I must've been living under a rock too, as I never knew that they had a reality show :). Wow, they're all grown up!

I love this show, too! I've been a fan of Tia and Tamera for years! I even had an autographed photo from them (via a Fan Club) when I was younger. I just love watching how they have grown and are progressing as grown women about their business.

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