Sunday, June 24, 2012

West Side; California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

Ok, the gig is up!

I'm sure you guys have guessed it; I go out to eat A LOT! I know it's not always the healthiest option, but it sure is fun. I like to think of it as my way of helping the US economy; spreading my dollars near and far. I don't post all of my restaurant choices because if I did, it would like more like a food blog than a lifestyle blog. However, all women eat, so, let's have a "sit down" about food.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Cooking is not my favorite activity. It takes a lot of thought, planning, and energy....something I'd prefer NOT to do after commuting and working amongst fools other people. Therefore, I opt for restaurants. I've seen the California Pizza Kitchen in nearly every city that I've lived or visited but I never stopped in.

Artichoke and Broccoli Soup

Last month when I visited my sister in DC, she suggested California Pizza Kitchen since we were in the Pentagon City area. I sorta tooted my nose and gave her major side eye, but she didn't care, so California Pizza Kitchen it was.

To my surprise, the place was stylish and quaint yet filled with DC conservatives. The mood was light. It helped that the day was amazing. It was about 75 degrees, sunny skies, and a warm breeze. As you see, we opted for a light lunch because we had other shopping to do. 

Overall, I give it a thumbs up. 

It was also very budget friend.

Have you ever eaten at California Pizza Kitchen?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I went to California Pizza Kitchen because my sister said so and and we were hungry. However, the server did give us coupons to use on our next visit.


I love California Pizza kitchen the one by perimeter is the best. The one midtown has some rude waitresses

Love that place. I've only dined at the one in Atlantic Station though and they are always packed. Glad you enjoyed your time with your sister. Enjoy your Sunday!

I have never tried California Kitchen but now tat I've seen this post it's being added to my list! Also, dine a lot too so I completely understand I'm still trying to learn my way around te kitchen! :-)

Thanks for sharing!

I was just here the other day. This is one of my son's favorite spots. I tried the korean tacos and they were so good. Of course,they have great pizza and salad too! me and mini me go here all the time:-)

Love that place as well! The pizzas are the best, and my brother and I once tried to be adventurous and order sthg else. We decided it was best just to stick to the pizzas!

of course, growing up in cali, that place was popular. i love it. i am with you on cooking. i got skills, i just don't think i should spend my time slaving in the kitchen. the only time i feel domesticated enough to do it is when i lived with a boyfriend. that was only one time. most of the time, i like to eat out, especially on the weekends. on the weekdays, i do "semi-homemade" meals at home so it's a little healthier :)

Nice blog dear.

Oh I have never tried it you know, I lived in D for quite sometime and I never had the chance

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

I've read great reviews about CPK via Twitter and Facebook, but I have not personally dined there. We don't have one in our area. We have the crappy pizza places!

Hugs and Mocha,

I went to the one at Lenox once. Oddly, I remember loving their steamed dumpling appetizer!

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