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Previously on #HPBD... Friends of Facebook

Repost from June 26, 2011



Unless you've lived in the mountains with no electricity or under a rock with mold, you know that Facebook is the leading social media network of the present. It is a platform for connecting with former classmates, co-workers, and distant family members. It is also a medium for appreciating TV shows, companies and entertainment. Facebook (FB) has millions of members which gives one ample opportunity to reconnect with the past. However, FB can give rise to unresolved tiffs, disagreements, High School (HS) rivals or a host of hotmessness shenanigans. If you adhere to the following, your FB experience should be drama free and quite enjoyable.
  1. FB is a social media platform. Therefore, members are going to put their best foot or false foot forward. Therefore, only believe a fourth of what you read and see.
  2. Some people need to stay in the land of FB. If he or she were wild, hoes/tramps uncooth, and tacky in HS, more than likely they are now. Yes people change, BUT very few divert from those old behaviors. Beware of this person.
  3. Beware of the FB Pimp. The FB Pimp is the guy who cruises through all of the pages of his FB friends. More than likely he was that popular jock in HS and "the man" but now he's average to loser status. You can identify the FB Pimp by his high number of friends which are primarily women. Secondly, he typically posts messages of inspiration and spirituality all while inboxing each and every woman with "Hey Beautiful" and his Cricket/Metro cell number. This dude's goal is to get laid and if it's not yours, keep it moving.
  4. Have minimal expectations for the meeting or conversations if you choose to chat or meet offline. Remember Rule 1, FB folks put their best or false foot forward so when the meeting occurs, um, it just might not be what you expect.
  5. If you decide to meet anyone offline, always meet in a public place especially if the two of you haven't connected in many years. Believe it or not, some former classmates have untreated mental illnesses or have ulterior motives.
  6. Ideal candidates for FB meetups are former classmates who were the middle of the road folks. These people weren't excessively popular nor were they in the geek/nerd/undesirable crowd. These people are usually very successful, well grounded, and more apt to show you a good time.
  7. Possible FB meetups...the geeks/nerds. This one is tricky. Many times people who fall into this category have issues with being socially awkward. If they have grown out of this and not off the deep end, these can be good meetups too.

All and all, FB is good for conversations online, sharing photos, small talk, and watching TV shows together. Meetups can be fun and successful if not, file it under


I am not a fan of facebook. I share photos and small talk but that's about it I watch tv with my twitter folks. Great info though

I like Facebook but I love Twitter. I like Twitter because it gives you the opportunity to meet people that you wouldn't normally while FB is full of people that you already know for the most part and really don't like!!

I agree with Mimi and Kita: I like facebook, simply because its a quick easy way to catch up with old friends/classmates/family without getting too serious. Plus, I like to put photos of the boy on there for my mom. I LOVE twitter. There are a few folks on twitter who i question too, but for the most part, I love my twitter folks.

I'm only on fb to keep in touch with friends from 20 some years ago and for my blog pages. Other than that, i could really do without. I'd rather use Google+ if folks would give it a chance. Twitter is my love of all loves!

I used to LOVE FB but it is getting so commercial and many of good friends don't update or post that much anymore.
I do really enjoy twitter. ;)

I probably need to get with the times, I don't use Twitter or FB.

I used to love Facebook but now I so prefer Twitter.

The jock stereotype is so funny and typical though. Love this post!



A friend of mine asked me why I don't post on FB. I told her I felt like I had let too many "old friends" access to what matters to personal business. But to each his on. I prefer Twitter most days.

This is very true about Facebook. That's why I only use it for blog updates and random thoughts about what I'm doing so my family and friends faraway can keep in touch.

I have a love/hate relationship with fb

I use my personal FB account to keep up with Fanpages. I mostly read Fanpages from there. Like many of you guys have said, ehh to the real side of FB.

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