Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Won Again; Beauty Products from Fellow Bloggers

Yes, I won another give-a-way!

I know it probably seems like a cruise the web in search of give-a-ways, but I don't really, I just so happen to see the Tweet or announcement then fall right in.

This time, I won beauty products from Creatively Yours by Ro and Elle Sees. Both ladies have informative and adorable beauty blogs. Check them out.

I am more than tickled that I won both products because they will come in handy as I make my transition to a resident of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Just in case it takes a while to find a person for brow maintenance, I have the products I won from Creatively Yours by Ro. Inside are: Brow Gel, Universal Brow Pencil and tweezers all by Billion Dollar Brows

Gotta love the upside down picture.

The item I won from Elle Sees is by Travalo. It's a refillable perfume bottle. I enjoy wearing various fragrances but I am always concerned about putting them in my checked bag because TSA "permanently borrows" my stuff and some of the bottles are too large for the carry on. The Travalo Refillable Perfume Bottle is an alternative for carrying my body sprays during travel.

I'm sending a huge thank you to Creatively Yours by Ro, Elle Sees, Billion Dollar Brows, and Travalo for my items. I can't wait to try each of them.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I won each item through their respective blog give-a-ways.


Congrats! I never seem to win :( haha lucky you :P
Sara xx

Aaaaaw....congrats on winning them. They both look like great products. And're moving to UAE. All the best:)
And thanks for the follow. Following you back.

These look like some great products so I hope you'll share a review post with us!

Congrats! Lucky you! The both seem good products!

I want to try that product!! I need my brows to grow back fuller.

how is it that you are always winning something!? I need your luck!

congratulation on your wins. i never hear of the cosmetic brand, so i hope u will review the products after u indulge in them

Wow lucky you!

Congratulations! You're on a winning streak!

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