Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finding Fun in Fitness

Spring and summer has a way of stimulating the interest of fitness in many of us. During the winter, my fitness routine becomes MIA and by body becomes a bit cozy. 

It's that skin showing season again and time to show more leg. 

Additionally, in about 7 weeks, I will be off to a new land with temperatures that float into the 100s on many days. Therefore, I believe less of me would be best. However, I am not a fan of exercise. It's a requirement for health but it's just not fun. 

I've tried everything from gym classes, group runs, Zumba, and the spectrum of DVDs. I like Walking Away the Pounds best or strolling around my subdivision but all 'n all, finding fun in fitness is BLEH.

What do you do to put fun into your fitness routine?


I can't stand working out...but alas I really have to because it does wonders for my mood and energy level. What helps me is having a really good playlist on my iPhone on spotify.

Bessie, you're right. I am a lot less cranky when I workout consistently. When I had a gym membership, I had music. I am a little iffy on music outdoors bc of dogs. :(

I also prefer walking. Like Bessie said a good playlist does wonders! I have found that drinking green tea in addition to walking regulary keeps me where I want to be.

Great...that's 2 for walking.

@Tia - What type of green tea do you drink? Do you add water and lemon?

I agree with the playlist! Having the right music will definitely help the pace of the workout. I hate working out too, so I often opt for the walking like others have commented or the elliptical machine. And when I'm really not feeling like leaving the comfort of my home, I will workout on the XBox or the Wii.

It's not called a Fun Out, but these tips help!

Once I enter into my exercise zone nothing can stop me for weeks. But once I hit a slump it's so hard to get back on track. Recently, I asked my MIL and a friend to start walking with me. It keeps us all accountable and motivated.

Hugs and Mocha,

Exercise....what does that mean lol. I use to walk with a group of ladies but they bailed. I think if I can get some motivation and get into a routine the pounds will come right off.

i can't stand working out. But alas, I like wearing a bathing suit in the summer....

very beautiful blog.

would you like to follow each other? let me know.

xoxo from Italy

The chic and cheap blog

Chile-Puhleassse... EXERCISE! HA!!!!! I don't have a routine. I know I need to exercise but I don't! LOL! *SHRUGS*

I'm getting back in the gym tomorrow! I need it bad!!! My work out goes bye bye in the winter too.

I LOVE exercise.....well at least now I do. Music definitely motivates me, but I LOVE how exercise helps take away stress! I think that is what motivates me most.

it's getting tougher and tougher for me to exercise, especially after becoming a SAHM. i really love the first lady's arms... she motivates me. :)

so excited about your trip. :)

have a nice thursday, doc!

I love to have good music and comfy clothing.

Mrs. Delightful

This is great post and I am glad that Michelle has really been on the issue of childhood obesity, and also just eating better. She has a nice veg garden.

Ugh, I hate working out. Hate. I really need to find a way to at least like it.

First off, let me add that Michelle Obama is looking very fit and fine in the photograph. This is the only time I've ever witnessed a FLOTUS looking as fierce. My, how things have changed...

Far as my habits go, I concentrate on push ups, sit ups, jogging, playing basketball and pull ups. It has been this way for awhile - since leaving military. I find these exercises increase flexibility, strength and endurance and make me feel good, overall.

I've never worked out in a gym, and I always make excuses whenever my yoga-addict friend asks me to workout with her. It is hard to motivate oneself to exercise. I love to dance, so Zumba might just work for me :)

Hey its Anya C! I love this post and just got back from the gym with my parents and sister. I wanted to let you know about MY blog, www.nadainc.wordpress.com its about girls changing the world! So we are now BBF's (best bloggies forever!)

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