Tuesday, June 19, 2012

eStyle Me - Zara Colored Blocked Heels

Like every good girl in fashion land, I snagged these Zara Color Blocked Heels. 

However, I don't know exactly how they will be styled.

eStyle Me.

What should I wear?


I've seen these style so many different ways! From floral pants to A Line Dresses/Skirts... Or if all else fells you can style them with that Black Dress Lil Scrappy Mama had on last night! *In that order* LOL!!!!!

However, u decide to style them I'm sure it will be FLY!

I think pencil skirts look super fly with these shoes. They really play up the calves and ankles.

I agree! Styling them with a pencil skirt would be fab!

I've gotta have these lol

The LBD will look perfect with those :)

I think these would look great with a pencil skirt, or with skinny pants and a cute white button down tied at the waist. Both of these looks,would highlight the shoe.

hey, you! you're so lucky you got these... it didn't come in my size... :( i think it would go with so many things... jeans... weather skinny or boyfriend jeans... with a blazer... or like LV said... pencil skirt.. even pleated skirts... it's such a versatile item .:)

hope you're recuping ok. :) hugs!

Thanks ladies. I may play it safe at first and pair them with jeans and a dressy top.

@J - I can't get in them yet. My feet are still swollen. LOL.

I would love to see you rock these babies with a blazer, tee, and skinnies. A statement necklace and oversized clutch would polish off the look nicely!

Cute shoes! I know you will find something to show them off!

these are so versatile, they go with everything! you of course can't go wrong with a little black dress! :)

Love those shoes very stylish!

@LA Lynn's
just tried on a pair similar to these at Bakers so cute!

Oh dear fashion! I see myself rocking these with a pair of skinny jeans. Y'all would not be able to say hi or bye to me.. LOL!

Hugs and Mocha,

At least yours are not the blue pair!! I see these with a pair of paper bag ankle pants that tie at the waist, and a simple neutral top.
The Fashionable ESQhttp://www.thefashionableesq.blogspot.com/

It's Anya! I love those heels in that picture! Thanks for checking out our new blog!

These are like the one thing everybody has that I want but of course they are sold out in my size. I love pencil skirts so I definitely would pair these shoes with a skirt. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following.

Those are extra cute, I thought about getting them. Looking forward to what you come up with in terms of styling them. :-)

I am so jealous!!! I've been drooling over that shoe in that color for weeks!! I've been too chicken to order them online because of the ankle strap--I have leg shortening issues. LOL. That said...

Rock them out with an LBD if you want to get glam; slide them on with a pair of loose fitting or boyfriend jeans and a fitted white tee for a casual look; and they'd also look just darling with a dress with a vibrant print in complementary colors. Can't wait to see what you decide!

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