Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who Loves Prada - I do!

Reginia wins again!

A few weeks ago, I happened upon a give-a-way by Total Image by Secret. Sylvia is a celebrity image strategist and consultant. She owns a boutique-sized image consulting firm that assists celebrity and business clients improve their brand, marketability, and image.

I saw the Prada give-a-way via her Facebook Fan Page. (Yall should "LIKE" it). I met Secret last year on the Summer 2011 Chic Boutique Tour. She is a fun person, caring spirit, and has an amazing knack for fashion. She's been on speed dial since we've met. I can't say enough good things about her and her brand, therefore check out her site and FB page. Word on the curb says she's having another give-a-way soon.


i like prada to! wauw, i love the bag, lucky you ;)
you have a nice blog! like to follow each other? ;)

thanks for your comment, i answer it and give you a tip hihi (:

Nice blog

I love Prada...just a little pricey :)

I'll be sure to check out the FB page. Also, I saw you at the presentation too...I didn't see you after it was over. We all scattered, and then I was looking for my daughter. I hate that. I wanted to talk to you.

Love Prada, I wish I had Prada money though!!

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