Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swimwear 2012

Summer 2012 is right around the corner. If you are a procrastinator like me, you are now scrambling to find great swimwear.With mixed trends that include bold colors, finding the perfect swimwear has become quite a challenge.

Typically, I can find great pieces at Old Navy, Macys, or Nordstroms, but I am having trouble making my final selection. Here's what I've picked so far. Tell me which you like best.

If you don't like any of them, send me a link to a few more. I need a few new suits pronto. My midsection is the "trouble" section so NO two pieces and such.


Dr. Regina....check out this website..her swimwear and clothes come in a variety of sizes from Small to the extra extra large....not cheap but the quality is great!

@Chaquetta De'Nay

Oh and I like the last 2 of the choices at the top...NOT the first one...LOL

@Q - I like Monif C but "women's sizes" are too big though I am plus sized I have to get the larger misses sizes.

great choices love them all!!!

The last one is super cute!!

I like that third one.

ooo, i like the first one! the print is really cute.

10% off discount code to Vantage Point Vintage


I love the last one. Don't even THINK about getting the first one!!!!

Thanks y'all. I dont really like the first one but I couldn't find any cute tankinis. Lol I'd love a print top and solid bottom.

The last one is sooo cute! It gets my vote!

I like them ALL but the third one is my FAVE!!!!

second and third are my faves.

I love the third one!!!

I'm a blogger for Spanx and brand ambassador have you tried them? I love them but they are a bit pricey.

ooooh that little skirted one at the bottom is super cute!!

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