Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Shoutout - v. 2

Reginia's Saturday Shoutouts...v. 2

Seven shouts, seven blogs, seven new friends...

1. Say What U Wanna - by Ms. Kita. 

2. Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway - by Mrs. Optimistic Mom

3. My Life; The Chronicles of Pookah's Rose's Daughter

5. Talking With Tami - by Tami

6. Rantings of a Creole Princess - Monica

7. Erica B's DIY Style - Erica B.

Some of these blogs have been in my rotation since 2006 or so. I've read Monica's, Tami's and Erica's blogs for quite some time. I equally love my new finds as well. Kita brings my daily read. Optimistic Mom and Rose's Daughter always have provocative topics. Of course, Eboni has ALL of the hippest styles.

Let me know how you life them!


You are too too sweet thanks so much! xoxo

Thanks Reginia for the shoutout!

I'm familiar with all except Tami and Eboni. Will check them out. Thanks!

Thanks for the shout out!!!

Thanks so much for the shout out I will check the ones I don't know out.

off to check them out! thanks!

Awww....thanks so much! I appreciate you reading and enjoy connecting with you!

Your blog is very nice!!! :)

I follow you, follow me?

Xoxo Flor.

I've been following a few of these. You just gave me some new blogs to stalk!!! :)

*Waving* at yo peeps! Tehehehe...

i'll def. check out these blogs. :) have a great rest of the wk, r!

I believe I've heard of Talking With Tami, for sure.

Awesome thing to have remain connected on the blogs since '05.

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