Friday, May 18, 2012

The Middle East, Sherel's Hats, and a Hint of Fashion

In an effort to make my transition to Abu Dhabi seamless,  I am reaching out to those who work in my field via Facebook Groups as well as other bloggers. Recently, I happened upon two of the most stylist ladies in the Middle East; The Fierce Diaries. In their May 11 post, New Designer: by Chance the readers were introduced to a new collection, designers, and reps of fashion Marissa Sennzon and Rasha Reyn. The By Chance Collection and Sherel's Hats are amazing and in short, all of the finds are stunning. 

Today's post is about Sherel's Hat. Sherel's is a boutique with fashionable hats from dressy to casual. Hats have made their way back into the fashion scene by providing a functional accessory with a big punch of style. Sherel's offer unique well manufactured pieces with a ton of personal flair. 

Are you into hats this season?

I am. I loved being at the Derby and seeing all the gorgeous hats.


I wish I was a hat girl. These are all so pretty....I'm going to attempt to rock a hat this summer.

I wish I could wear hats, but alas, I suffer from "big head" syndrome and have yet to find a hat that fits. LOL

OMG girl, other than baseball hats at a baseball game (or a newspaper boy or bucket hat on a rare day), i'm not a hat person - especially those that make me look like i'm at the santa anita horse race track with the grandmas! LOL i do like the second hat on this post! plus, hats give me "hat hair" which is no bueno! hahaha

I absolutely love all types of hats! I'll have to check out her designs!

I love hats and never get tired of adding to my collection. These are FAB!

i am a huge hat girl... these are fab hats!

have a lovely wknd, r!


the last one is my favorite. id love to attend the derby! btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)

I love the last hat! I have always wanted to go the the derby to see all of the beautiful hats in real life.


That last hat in EVERY color is a must have!! ;)

I've noticed more and more women are wearing these hats nowadays. I'd wondered if they were the style or something.

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