Monday, May 7, 2012

May Photo a Day - Days 4 & 5

May Photo a Day #5

Something I can't live without - COFFEE

I've tried on several occasions to cool the caffeine but it's hard. I'm a fiend for caffeine. I guess I'll try again one day. #LIES. I'm moving to a place where drinking coffee is a sport and good coffee is all around so I'll kick another habit, but not coffee.

My Closet - Day 6

I have a pretty good sized walk in closet and it was hard to capture in one shot, so I cheated and combined three. My closet is bare these days because I'm packing winter things and throwing out in droves...yall know why right...because I'm moving to ABU DHABI. :)

PS. Yes that's a poster of me in my closet. Doesn't everyone have a poster of themselves in their closets? Of course you do.


I missed this weekend challenge but you can have that coffee. I hope the packing is going great.

i wish i had a walk-in closet, at least a big one. i don't have a poster of myself, but i have the full body mirror to make up for it! LOL my closet posters will probably be the hot men in my life, in my celebrity life. HAHA

The pic of you in the closet is boss. I can't really say that I hold an acquired taste for coffee, but every now and then I might enjoy a cup.

I love love Love LOVE coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave up caffeine once..when I was pregnant and when I was breastfeeding. The equals about 2 years. SMH. The first cup afterwards.....makes me shutter even now!!

I LOVE coffee, but lately I've been okay without it. No withdrawals or anything. lol
I think the warmer weather has something to do with it.
Have fun packing! ;)

Thanks ladies and Don! I have a pic of myself in every room.

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