Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Photo a Day - Day 1

Hey yall, I'm back. I've been a little busy and hadn't blogged like I should. I've decided to get back on track with a challenge to myself. I am participating in Reni's May Photo a Day Challenge (even though she's on hiatus because of the playoffs). 

There are a few challenges out there, but Reni is dear to me, so I've selected hers.

Day #1 - Something you do everyday


I am joining in on hers and the other one I love a good challenge.

thank you ladies for participating on this challenge! i figured this would be easier than blogging! LOL plus, one last challenge before you leave for abu dhabi! (emotional walls, emotional walls)

I'm participating as well! I hope I can stick to it!

This is a great challenge! I can't wait to see all the photos that you take!

i love getting a preview of your pics on instagram. :) i iknow what you mean... i've been busy myself, and took a few breaks last month on blogging. hope you're well, and have a great day, my friend!


I'm about to take a little sabatical myself. I have so many other projects I'm slacking on. Good challenge hunni!

This is a good challenge so far. I wish I had a better cam though. When I get to Abu Dhabi...the pics will be so much better....right Reni. :)

Reni is coming to AD next year.

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