Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The First 48; Our Favorite Detective

For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don't get a lead in THE FIRST 48™.

If you're into reality TV like millions of others, then the A&E hit series is no foreigner in your household. The First 48 is an intense, real-life crime investigation show located in selected cities throughout the US. I've been a fan of the The First 48 for quite some time. My affair began with the Memphis crew: Detectives Armstrong and Mason. Everyone, including myself, was so intrigued on how Detective Mason remained so fly while solving some of the grittiest crimes around. After the Memphis crew changed cast members, many fans shifted their attention to the Birmingham crew and for good reason.

The Birmingham episodes of The First 48 did not disappoint viewers. The crimes were intense, engaging, and drew viewers in with hopes for closure. In addition, this cast had a detective that attracted a huge female following. If you haven't guessed the reason already, the newest variable was Detective Anderson.

Detective Anderson is the handsome, 6'5 embodiment of masculine style, intellect, and modest charm. According to his many fans, it is his calm, mysterious nature that captivates their attention.

I had the opportunity to speak with Detective Anderson about his role on the show and life as plain ole Chris. As I anticipated, chatting with Detective Anderson (Chris) was like speaking with an old classmate or brother. I was tickled by his southern drawl and humor. I inquired about life in Birmingham, balancing an emotionally charged job with home life, and life after The First 48.

Anderson shared that he's able to maintain balance and peace in his life by relying on his faith, family, and friends. In his free time, he mentors and coaches youngsters. He added that he enjoys attending his children's events particularly sporting events. He too was a athlete in school but has passed the torch to his children. His family enjoys his celebrity but they mostly see him as "hubby and dad". We concluded our conversation with chats about life's transitions such as our upcoming class reunions, friends from high school, and approaching the big 40 in a few years.


It was a pleasure chatting the Detective Anderson; he's truly "the boy next door".


I love him he is good. I love how he talks the youth with a calm voice makes them feel at east. This is my favorite show and I have it on DVR I will catch up on it very soon.

Of course, I've never seen this show. Not a biggie because I miss everything. But I'll add this one to my DVR list!

I enjoy watching The First 48, although I'm not familiar with the Birmingham crew. I'll have to look out for Det. Anderson and the rest of the team.

I've watched several episodes but they all involved the Miami area.

I love my First 48! And I love it when Detective Anderson says..."It's time for a Come to Jesus!"

I've never seen this show in its entirety but def have read great reviews.

First 48 is a staple in our house. We always joke about Sgt. Mason.

I do watch Birmingham and happen to think Detective Anderson is quite the looker!!

I really enjoy this show! Anderson does his thang!

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How come I've never heard of this show? Maybe I can find it OnDemand. Sounds like a pretty good show.

Agreed - awesome show. My mom turned me onto The First 48 around four years ago and I absolutely love the real life drama. The show features some of the best detectives and I've found how, after awhile, viewers tend to know exactly how a certain detective will eventually solve the crime.

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