Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

One of the biggest social media sites is Twitter!

Twitter offers an array of items for engagement. I've made professional and personal connections, provide lively commentary on the latest "debutchery" in reality TV, and chatted with a few celebrities here and there.

The coolest part about Twitter is commentating shows with other Tweet-alities, and watching some celebrities have complete meltdowns; Wale, Chris Brown, Royce, and Tyrese. I probably shouldn't get a huge kick out of other Tweet-alities and their take on Tyrese's lack of command of the Queen's English but when they go in on his spelling, I get a chuckle or 20.

Twitter is the ultimate social media site to disconnect, reconnect, and Co-NECT. <--- (some of yall know what that means). 

Are you on Twitter? What do like about it?

Follow me there!


I love twitter! I don't follow celebrities but I have a good time corresponding with different bloggers. I love the interaction.

I don't think I follow any celebrities either but I have met some awesome people from twitter and connected with people from all over and it's so much fun.

I love interacting with people and I love it for laughs. I follow a couple of celebrities but I think I follow a ton of "black twitter" and they make the experience totally hilarious!

I love everything about it. Facebook is my living room and twitter is my stoop. I've meet so many wonderful people via twitter.

I absolutely LOVE twitter! I use it to promote my blog and other's blogs; network with my pitbull advocates & pagan friends; as well as networking with others. However, I've also found it useful, especially last year during bad weather for local news. ;)

of course you know i am on twitter. this is where we meet, hangout and indulge in some foolery! it is also a place for some cray cray people who don't know how to spell and limited vocabulary consists of bitch and chicks. LOL!!!

I love twitter! I've been using it since the first week I started blogging and I love how quick the feed is.

Twitter is definitely fun especially when people interest quickly...I'm not on it as often as I should be!!

Twitter is my online playground especially during TV shows. @Francesca - I wish you liked it some. :)

I HEART TWITTER I met soooo cahtted with so many folks and even made a few business connections via twitter! And, don't get me started on the REALITY SHOWS OMG!!!! I LIVE to tweet during those times!!!! LOL!!!

I enjoy twitter. I follow a few celebrities and I do enjoy a few laughs when I see something crazy tweeted. Also, I use twitter to see what is going on in the world and on TV. ;)

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