Monday, April 9, 2012

Previously on Her Perfect Black Dress.....

During my many hours on Twitter, I noticed many bloggers tweeting their previous posts. I find this to be a great idea, and helpful to getting to know the blogger and their interests. I will begin to do the same and include a Previously on Her Perfect Black Dress post in the mix.

Without further adieu,

This was my very post. I initially had a niche blog talking about Home & Garden.

Celebrity Interview

Photo Credit: Will Law

My 2nd blog was more about adapting to a low carb lifestyle..

Of course, I Love Thrifting announcement...

Until next time...


Great idea I have so many posts from when I first started that a lot of people may not have seen.

@Kita...exactly. I think I had some pretty good post back then but NO I want to expose those. I think you should do it too.

Great Idea!!! Its good to show new readers your previous posts :)


Fabulous idea! I too have seen the "archives" coming out on twitter. I have done it periodically but maybe she do it a lil more! Great post! :)

Great idea! So many posts you put so much effort into and no one gets a chance to check them out. Sometimes I'll tweet an older post to bring it back to life from time to time, especially if I'd like some more feedback. I had no idea you had blogged on these topics. Thanks for sharing them.

Great idea!!!!

Yup! A great way to for others that may follow you/blog to check out posts that may not have been popular or they maybe new readers & haven't checked out old posts :)
I do it when it's slow on my blog.

I saw Kita talking about this on her blog. I am really going to have to try this too!

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