Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Atlanta to Abu Dhabi; I'm Moving...

Hey my peeps....

I'm moving...


Yes moving...

Over the past few months weeks, I've been MIA from events, parties, and being the social maven because I've worked heavily on securing my spot in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Abu Dhabi is said to be the world's richest city and your girl needs a piece of the pie and a cup of the oil. Therefore, I am packing my bags and moving across the WORLD to my new home. I am leaving Atlanta in June, then off for a month of vacationing, then on to Abu Dhabi in August.

Abu Dhabi is in the Middle East. It is south of the Arabian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia, and west of Oman. It is a peaceful, technological forward country with a ton to offer this English speaking, talent possessing, social mistress.

Abu Dhabi is
  • a peaceful Muslim country
  • Yes it's hot
  • It's about a hour or so from Dubai
  • No I do not have to cover up during social events
  • Yes I may have to cover up at work
  • Yes I may blog
  • Yes I may drive but why when I can have a driver
  • Yes there are black American people there and other blacks too
  • Yes I know someone there; well I didn't know she had the same job until recently. Life's little coincidences 
  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai are open 24 hours a day so you may come to the city anytime but not stay with me (O_O)
  • Yes I'm excited (but only as excited as I can be)
  • No I'm not scared (I have Al Sharpton on speed dial)
  • Yes I will have lights, internet, air conditioning, shopping, and every other luxury I can find.
  • Yes that's where portions of Sex in the City was filmed.
I think I've covered the basic questions. If you have any questions or want to chat about it....let me know.

  • Yes I am going to miss all of my Atlanta peeps...we're just one click away.


sounds incredibly exciting...i definitely hope that you will blog on this, your latest journey!

Wow that's such exciting news! Congratulations on your move! :-D


This is awesome!!!! I hope you keep us updated someway. Wow, anything is possible. Definitely made me smile. I wish you much success :)

What a fabulous endeavor! Congrats to you and I wish you nothing but success in your new city, new country, and new community! So proud of you because I would be frightened!

Wow.. exciting news.. congratulations and much success to you... Xo

Congrats to you and wishing you the best.

Well you have yourself a great time!

Can I visit? ha! That is so awesome, I wish you well in your move

Congrats for you! This is an amazing opportunity! The A will miss you!

Can't wait to meet you! And yes, it's HOT! Say goodbye to rain cos it hardly EVER rains. And when it does, it's only a drizzle. But we do get sandstorms, like today. :D

WOW! this is amazing. congrats to you!!!!!! Wishing you the very best.

Congratulations to you!!!! Dubai is on my bucket list! Be sure to keep blogging and take lots of pics!

wooooowww!!!!!!! so happy for you!!

Reginaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! WOWZERS.... I'm TOTALLY Speechless I wish nothing but the absolute best!!!!! Be sure to keep in touch we have to still chat via twitter about these good for nothing reality shows!!!!! U know I live for your commentary!!!! Lol

Best wishes!!!!! O, will there be a going away partay???!!!


Wow! Very different. I would be too totally frightened to do such a thing. Sounds exciting though. I hope you do choose to continue blogging bc I am very curious about life over there (esp. all these black people that you "claim" exist there o_0). Wishing you the best!

Thanks everyone! @K. Rock. Stay tuned, you will get a glimpse into the world of the brothers and sisters in Abu Dhabi.

WOW!! Sounds very interesting and exciting!! I wish you all the best, and you have to make sure to keep in touch!! #blog&twitterlove

Wow. From the title of the post I was thinking the city resided in the Middle East. That is quite a move, if I say so myself. Good luck on new horizons abroad.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome! I am really excited for you!

WOW!!! This is SO brave! Proud of you and wish you well!!! :)

And I say why not? I am excited for you! It's not everyday you meet someone who isn't afraid to travel and see the world, God created it all so why not experience it all if you can. I am interested in what type of work you will be doing there and how difficult it is to get a work visa, cause you have interested a lady in the possibilities of doing something like this in a few years.

Good Luck my lady I am looking forward to reading about you adventures in your new home.

Thank you Ticka, Don, LV, M Coco and Toya. Toya I will email you more information.

Ohemgee!!! Seriously!!! This is so exciting! My brother is visiting Dubai in August. I am so happy for you. I love that you are willing to try something new. I wish you nothing but the best!

How exciting! Can't wait to read all about your new adventures!!

That is incredible!!! Congratulations!!! I want to live in another country one day so this is so inspiring!

WOW! Can't believe I missed this post. Best wishes to you.
It is awesome you are taking out there and seeing what else the world has to offer. I hope you will blog every once in awhile...or at least keep tweeting. ;)

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