Thursday, April 5, 2012

Discount Stores: Fashion & Home

The recession has prompted many of us to find affordable options to accommodate our love for all things pretty. Therefore, discount stores have experienced a surge in revenue during  trying times.

Do you frequent any of the following discount stores for fashion or home?

Yay or Nay.


Yayyyyy... yes ma'am I find myself all over them! I used to HATE shopping in these stores because I felt that NOTHING was right at my fingertip! So, I learned to make sure to stock patience & plenty of time when shopping these stores!

not really. only because i am an impatient person, but if friends are in two, it's a different experience. on my own, i'd weep.

i meant if friends are in *tow*

Not a fan of Ross the few that I have been to have been empty I actually like burlington better than ross. Marshalls has the best shoe collection and TJMaxx is nice but you gotta catch them on a good day preferably Wed.

you find the best dresses in ROSS!!!! i love it, but make sure u try them on first, its a reason their in there lol

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Welcome...Mary, Lea, Ana, and Ashley..

Yes I am on Instagram as regipee.

I really don't go to these reason? Time. My patience. I may go look for shoes or a bag, but when it comes to clothing I will shy away from doing so. It's soooo much!

I love them all but each for different reasons. I am actually trying to branch off from them this year b/c I do MOST of my shopping there. I gotta try some other places!

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