Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog, Shop and Save




Bloggers are monetizing their blogs buy adding "closet cartels". By selling their hot, fashionable items for bargain prices; the blogger and buyer wins. Since I stay WINNING... I snagged these sexy, after dark performance booties for the low price of $15 from Rush Our Fashion

Rush Our Fashion is a trendy fashion blogger from FL who always wears eye catching trends; she's quite the bargainista herself.

Are you guys loving these booties as much as I am?


Those are so cute and for $15, great deal.

Those are hot! I just added a shop tab on my blog. Trying to find ways to get rid of clothes I haven't worn, or worn once that are just sitting in my closet.

I love these booties! Too cute! I like the whole "closet cartels" idea I've been seeing on quite a few blogs lately. I might give it a try!

What a great buy! I love them!

Nicccce, i love them :)

Supa Cute!!!! You scoreddddd MAJOR!!!! I just took advantage of Toni's via Pretty Dark Girl Style Closet Cartel myself...!!!!

Only $15? When I saw these on Instgram I had no idea!!

These are such a great a find! I am going to check this site out right now. Thanks for sharing.


great shoes!!
kiss kiss

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The booties are really cute! Prissy has the best items in her shop.

Those booties are too cute! Love the ruffles especially.

Shoot! I need to get on it and start selling my wares too!! That's so smart!

I had seen these before, I think at cute!

The Fashionable ESQ

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