Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bling My Nails

Nail shields are one of the latest crazes in beauty and fashion. 

Nail shields are decorate nail adhesives used to create drama and excitement to your nails. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Many fashionistas, fashion wanna-a-bes, and those who want a bit of something different without an extravagant price or damage to their nails wear nails shields.
Nail shields came to my attention around the Summer of 2011. I didn't give them a second thought because I don't wear color on my nails frequently and I have a gel overlay. However, as fashion does, the nail shield trend had a bit of staying power and the revolution continued in the fall and winter seasons. Then, February rolled around and I had the opportunity to try two brands of nail shields:  Nail Cutie for Jamberry Nails and Kiss Nail Dress
Both brands are similar in application and size. Nail Cutie for Jamberry Nails has a stronger adhesive and larger variety of colors and designs. Kiss Nail Dress had the sizes that worked best for me, however my dear sweet mother made off with ALL of my samples. So, her opinion is: she loves them both brands. Some deisgns are subtle, easy to apply, and wears like traditional nail polish.

Are you into the nail shields revolution?

I received samples of both products: (1) Nail Cutie for Jamberry and (2) Kiss Nail Dress via Influenster LoveVoxBox.


Very cool! First I've heard of these!

I love kiss nail dress; their products in general great quality.

YES! i got my from the influenster love vox box. i like them as bling/ring finger polish - not sure if i want all of them for my nails! it works well though, mine lasted over 10 days.

I got some from my influenster love vox box as well. Like Reni, I've used them as accents only, but I do love them. They add a little something extra to my normally plain, normally pink manicure.

Me and my co-worker tried these out, and for some reason they were not working for us, they refused to stick to our nails. Perhaps we were missing a crucial step or something but the directions seemed pretty strait forward.

Very Cute... I have some and still have yet to try them! *SHRUGS*

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