Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bling My Nails

Nail shields are one of the latest crazes in beauty and fashion. 

Nail shields are decorate nail adhesives used to create drama and excitement to your nails. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Many fashionistas, fashion wanna-a-bes, and those who want a bit of something different without an extravagant price or damage to their nails wear nails shields.
Nail shields came to my attention around the Summer of 2011. I didn't give them a second thought because I don't wear color on my nails frequently and I have a gel overlay. However, as fashion does, the nail shield trend had a bit of staying power and the revolution continued in the fall and winter seasons. Then, February rolled around and I had the opportunity to try two brands of nail shields:  Nail Cutie for Jamberry Nails and Kiss Nail Dress
Both brands are similar in application and size. Nail Cutie for Jamberry Nails has a stronger adhesive and larger variety of colors and designs. Kiss Nail Dress had the sizes that worked best for me, however my dear sweet mother made off with ALL of my samples. So, her opinion is: she loves them both brands. Some deisgns are subtle, easy to apply, and wears like traditional nail polish.

Are you into the nail shields revolution?

I received samples of both products: (1) Nail Cutie for Jamberry and (2) Kiss Nail Dress via Influenster LoveVoxBox.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

One of the biggest social media sites is Twitter!

Twitter offers an array of items for engagement. I've made professional and personal connections, provide lively commentary on the latest "debutchery" in reality TV, and chatted with a few celebrities here and there.

The coolest part about Twitter is commentating shows with other Tweet-alities, and watching some celebrities have complete meltdowns; Wale, Chris Brown, Royce, and Tyrese. I probably shouldn't get a huge kick out of other Tweet-alities and their take on Tyrese's lack of command of the Queen's English but when they go in on his spelling, I get a chuckle or 20.

Twitter is the ultimate social media site to disconnect, reconnect, and Co-NECT. <--- (some of yall know what that means). 

Are you on Twitter? What do like about it?

Follow me there!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tour My City; (West Palm Beach) Cabana Nuevo Latino

As happen-stance does, I found myself frolicking the streets of West Palm Beach, FL. During my brief stint, I came upon a cute little restaurant called Cabana Nuevo Latino

Cabana Nuevo Latino is a Cuban restaurant nestled in a quaint neighborhood in West Palm Beach, FL. It is a modern, attractive abode' that oozes hip Latin vibes and impeccable ambiance. 

The menu offers an array of authentic Cuban delights including the:

Empanadas Jamaiquinas

the side salad 
(literally since I can't turn the pic around)

I forgot what this was but it was good.

Finished with a strong cup of Cuban coffee 
(yep in the heat)

If you are ever in the South FL area, you must try Cabana Nuevo Latino.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but it could be because I love to dine out.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brand Loyal or Label Whore

During the last few weeks, I've been on the hunt for a gently used, authentic, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 handbag. There are some amazing deals, well kind of, on eBay but the eBay newbies continue to drive the prices up with their relentless bidding. What starts out as a $50 score turns into a $500 fiasco. (insert eye rolls here).

Then I wondered in my rational mind, why do I need a LV bag? Am I being pretentious, hauty, extra, or just brand loyal? Probably a bit of it all.

I probably pondered this for a few minutes and thought, well I am a creature of habit and I am particular about a few brands. I always buy:
  • Gain laundry detergent
  • Dawn dish washing liquid
  • Johnson's Baby Lotion
  • Glade Plug Ins
Also, I'd prefer to always drive a BMW. After my first BMW, I swore off other cars because no car drives like a BMW. Since then, I've had an Infiniti and an Acura. I HATED the Infinit and gave them the blues for the entire 11 months I had the car. I then bought an Acura. It's reliable, drives ok, and definitely long lasting but it's NOT a BMW by any means.

Does that make me brand loyal or Label Whore?


I first experienced true label whores when I went to college. Whew, those NYC chics would drop the name of everything they wore down to their drawls. Some of the stuff I hadn't ever heard of like Sergio Valentino jeans and Parasuco Jeans. I quickly gave them the O_o. 

OK, back on task, are you brand loyal or a label whore?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Atlanta to Abu Dhabi; I'm Moving...

Hey my peeps....

I'm moving...


Yes moving...

Over the past few months weeks, I've been MIA from events, parties, and being the social maven because I've worked heavily on securing my spot in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Abu Dhabi is said to be the world's richest city and your girl needs a piece of the pie and a cup of the oil. Therefore, I am packing my bags and moving across the WORLD to my new home. I am leaving Atlanta in June, then off for a month of vacationing, then on to Abu Dhabi in August.

Abu Dhabi is in the Middle East. It is south of the Arabian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia, and west of Oman. It is a peaceful, technological forward country with a ton to offer this English speaking, talent possessing, social mistress.

Abu Dhabi is
  • a peaceful Muslim country
  • Yes it's hot
  • It's about a hour or so from Dubai
  • No I do not have to cover up during social events
  • Yes I may have to cover up at work
  • Yes I may blog
  • Yes I may drive but why when I can have a driver
  • Yes there are black American people there and other blacks too
  • Yes I know someone there; well I didn't know she had the same job until recently. Life's little coincidences 
  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai are open 24 hours a day so you may come to the city anytime but not stay with me (O_O)
  • Yes I'm excited (but only as excited as I can be)
  • No I'm not scared (I have Al Sharpton on speed dial)
  • Yes I will have lights, internet, air conditioning, shopping, and every other luxury I can find.
  • Yes that's where portions of Sex in the City was filmed.
I think I've covered the basic questions. If you have any questions or want to chat about it....let me know.

  • Yes I am going to miss all of my Atlanta peeps...we're just one click away.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Previously on Her Perfect Black Dress.....

During my many hours on Twitter, I noticed many bloggers tweeting their previous posts. I find this to be a great idea, and helpful to getting to know the blogger and their interests. I will begin to do the same and include a Previously on Her Perfect Black Dress post in the mix.

Without further adieu,

This was my very post. I initially had a niche blog talking about Home & Garden.

Celebrity Interview

Photo Credit: Will Law

My 2nd blog was more about adapting to a low carb lifestyle..

Of course, I Love Thrifting announcement...

Until next time...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Shoutout - v.1

Reginia's Saturday Shoutouts begin today!

Seven shouts, seven blogs, seven new friends.....

  1. in HER shoes  

     2. My Thirty Spot

    7 .  Adam Alex Mommy 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Discount Stores: Fashion & Home

The recession has prompted many of us to find affordable options to accommodate our love for all things pretty. Therefore, discount stores have experienced a surge in revenue during  trying times.

Do you frequent any of the following discount stores for fashion or home?

Yay or Nay.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tour My City; World of Coca Cola

One of the great things about living in a large metropolitan area is the tourist adventures that it offers. Recently, I decided to tour my city to engage in the many attractions within the city of Atlanta. The first stop on my tour was the World of Coca Cola...affectionately referred to as the World of Coke.

World of Coca Cola is an absolutely amazing adventure. The representatives outdid themselves with the keen details, depth within the aesthetics, and offering for all ages. I can't remember a time in which I was completely wow'd and pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed everything from the Taste of Coke to the 4D interactive show. 

Enjoy the video

If you are an Atlanta resident and haven't been to the World of Coca Cola, plan this adventure now. Visitors, the World of Coca Cola is definitely a must see while in the city of Atlanta.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog, Shop and Save




Bloggers are monetizing their blogs buy adding "closet cartels". By selling their hot, fashionable items for bargain prices; the blogger and buyer wins. Since I stay WINNING... I snagged these sexy, after dark performance booties for the low price of $15 from Rush Our Fashion

Rush Our Fashion is a trendy fashion blogger from FL who always wears eye catching trends; she's quite the bargainista herself.

Are you guys loving these booties as much as I am?

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