Monday, March 26, 2012

K-Mart + Fashion = K-Mart Fashion

A month or so ago, I won a $100 gift card from the fabulous Baby Shopaholic. As usual, it came right on time and the shopping began. I know you're thinking, didn't you just win something; ANSWER: Yes, I stay winning! 

OK, back to the post. I've been in and out of K-Mart as of late because that's where I buy the water filters for my refrigerator. Typically, I head in, go straight to the appliance section, then I'm out. Well, things weren't going to be any different with this gift card, I planned to get another water filter and a few more items. However, after seeing how fly Baby Shopaholic was HERE and Tami was HERE, I decided to cruise through the Kmart Fashion section.

Besides the trusty water filter, this is what I bought:

The shoes are extremely comfortable and sexy. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen them; all others, tell me what you think.


hi, there! hope you had a great wknd, dr. r! :)

great choices, and i absolutely love k-mart fashion. congrats on winning the gift card. :) these are great shoes... i would definitely wear both myself. :)

i love seeing your photos pop up on instagram.... :)

have a great wk!


Wow those came from Kmart love them I see Kmart is stepping their game up

I too am just getting into Kmart fashion. Now when I go in there some of their clothes really catch my eye!

I love both pairs of shoes and I'm slick hoping they have them at my local Kmart. Especially those blue pumps!

Kmart has come a LONG way, I love both pairs of shoes! I am thinking about try some of the clothes from the Sofia Vergara line.

Love them both! BUT those RED ones are HOT!!

Wow, I've been sleeping on KMart. I didn't know they had cute stuff like this. Love the red wedges!

Those are hot.. I'm impressed with K-Mart..

Both are very cute, ya did good!

i have a couple of similar shoes to your red open toe wedge bootie. i love mine, too. one is in black and another in cougar print. wish i was patient when shopping. i hate having to browse for so long, i feel like a toddler always having a tantrum! LOL so i have to go to store with more organized items. i also like the blue pumps. never thought of having a pair of blue pumps, but you've broadened my horizons :)

The Kmart close to me is going out of business. I think I am going to head over there to see what I can see and hope they are marked down! Uber cute. especially the red ones.

I love the red shoes! I'm trying to figure out which kmart is close to me.

Congrats again on winning... I see BIG K done came up!!!! Those kicks are KA-UUUTE!!!!!

You're so lucky! Cute shoes! I don't even know where a K-Mart is in my neck of the woods. I thought they were all closed at one point.

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