Friday, March 9, 2012

Influenster - Love VoxBox

Influenster is a trendsetting community.

The Influenster community is a dynamic group who greatly influences brand trends by sharing personal experiences on products and services. Each "Influenster" then opens social media conversations by giving insightful feedback and reporting on extraordinary finds. 

I recently received the Influenter Love VoxBox.


handle:  @LoveGhirardelli
hashtag: #iloveghirardelli

 handle: @truvia
 hashtag: #truvia

 handle:  @kissproducts
 hashtag: #kissnaildress

 handle:  @stashtea
 hashtag: #stashtea

 handle: @gillettevenus
 hashtag: #GoddessSkin

Reviews coming soon, however, I know I will use the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor right away. There's a serious need to "defur" my legs. Also, I currently use Splenda but many online communities suggest Truvia instead. I definitely need to make a comparison because I only use artificial sweetners. 

Very soon I will compare the Kiss Nail Dress to the JamBerry Nails. My good pal is an independent consultant and I want to put her product to the test.

Stay tuned.

Are you an Influenster? Have you tried any of these products?


I love chocolate the rest of the products I will have to try. I did join the influenster but I never really did anything on the site but I do love trying free stuff.

I;ve always wanted to try Truvia. And I need those razors....

Love the chocolate...I joined the program but hasn't revived anything yet... Probably neglected to confirm something!!

That sounds like a great community to join. I am a huge chocoholic!

I love my influenster Love VoxBox. The only thing that disappointed me was that I was missing the Truvia. Other than that so far so good!


You received some fun products to try! Enjoy your weekend!

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