Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 - My Playlist - Giants vs. Patriots

Dear Football Fans and Stans,

The day is upon us; the meat and potatoes of the season - Super Bowl XLVI. Though I wished for my dear sweetheart, Ray Lewis and the Ravens to be among the football kings, I'll participate in the hoorah regardless of my broken heart.

Like any great Super Bowl Party, the food, drinks, and spirits must be in abundance.

We are having :

(my absolute favorite)


...and whatever else the attendees are bringing.

Because my pals and I love music, we'll have a bit of high energy tunes playing in the background.

My list includes:

I'm Flexin ft. Big K.R.I.T, Country Sh*t (Remix), I Do - Jezzy, Jay-Z and Andre 3000, and Tony Montana.

What are you doing for Super Bowl 2012?


girl, your menu is exactly what i love to eat on bowl weekends!!! i like country sh*t and any flo rida song. i also like anything that has ludacris in it!

I am going to relax not a football fan but I love catching the commercials. Food wise we are probably going to do some sliders of some sort and some drinks.

Just found your blog, I'm sooo excited about the superbowl tomorrow and I love nachos so I might have to make some now that I saw this photo. They look delicious. Thanks for sharing, following you now!


I had an impromptu party. Unexpected, but it was fun!

I never really got into the hype this year. I also really wanted the Ravens to go to the superbowl.
Oh well, maybe next year one of my teams will be at the superbowl.

Attended a good party and ate even better - nachos and wings in abundance, amongst other dishes. Game was exciting in the final 5 minutes. Attended movies afterward.

Still can't believe the Giants won another Super Bowl with a so-so regular season record.

Just goes to show.

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