Friday, February 10, 2012

Powerball - The Lottery

Tomorrow's Powerball is at $325 million.

I haven't played the Powerball Lottery since 2004. I wanted to win then and I want to win now. 

Have you ever played?

If you won, what are three top three things that you would buy?


top 3:

-Pay off my student loans
-Buy condos in gorgeous cities that I want to live in
-trainer/doctors/plastic surgeons to look amazing

Top 3
A house
A business
A ticket to Disney World since I have never been.

WAIT???!!!! Did you STOP traffic to take this pic??? LOL!!!

Ok, ok, ok... I use to play all the time in the beginning but then it got old all the money I was spending buying tickets were adding up to a gas bill or light bill so I had to put a STOP to it! At any rate, I'm noticing more & more ppl winning and you have to be in it to WIN IT!!!! Soooo... yes I would absolutely LOVE to WIN!!!!!

Top 3

Pay off all my debt
Pay off all my patents debt

We buy tickets weekly for Powerball and Mega Millions if we were to win

Buy a new home
Bless some folks

-I'd pay off my loans
-Buy a new car for myself & my mom
& of course much more..but you said 3 lol

I dont know if my comment posted or not this thing is acting weird. I stated that I just bought some scratch offs for my kids to do. No luck this time but usually my son and hubby always hit.

@Lynn - girl no, that's Friday's rush hour traffic. :(

With that said,

I'd pay off ALL debt for me, my parent, my aunt, and my sister.

Move back to Sandy Springs with condos in NYC and LA

An make relaxing the new work.

@Tami - I've won $2 before but tonight, I winning the 325 million.

i used to play all the time when i was working.... since there was a convenience store in the lobby of the office building... but even if i wanted to play it now, i keep forgetting. i do believe that if you don't play, you can't win... so i must play! :D

enjoy your wknd!

I would buy a house or two! And you know... shoes galore!


Good luck them! I have never tried it!!!

I would be debt free!
Buy a house, put enough away so that our son would be set for life.
And of course, buy mom & dad their first house.

Yes. I often played the lotto while living in Milwaukee in the mid 90s. Nope, I've never ever won anything outside of maybe $10.

If I won the first three things I'd buy is an immaculate brownstone in Manhattan.

Afterwards, I'd do things for my kids and certain friends and family members.

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