Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hair Extensions - Yay or Nay

Hair extensions are a staple in beauty industry. Women, and men as well, spend millions of dollars each year on hair extensions. These extensions may come in the form of clip ins, sew ins, traditional wigs and lacefront wigs.

The biggest names in entertainment have worn hair extensions. Celebrities such as Oprah, Beyonce, Brittany Spears, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, John Travolta, and Steven Harvey have all worn a form of hair extension.

Hair extensions are a fun way to add variety to your hair. You can change your color, length, or texture. Hair extensions are also used a method of hair protection, sometimes referred to as protective styling. A busy lifestyle may require a quick yet glamorous style which requires excessive heat. Therefore some select hair extensions as a way to protect their natural tresses. Some extension wearers, braid their natural textures in a flat pattern, then sew the extensions on top. There are a variety of hair extension installation techniques.

 Hair extensions often create a beautiful transformation and change in appearance. A proper installation of a hair extension, weave, can last up to 3 months with the proper care.

The expense of hair extensions can become quite costly as the quality and brands differ. There are affordable options in many local beauty supply stores.

Do you favor hair extensions? Are hair extensions a beauty option for you?


I love doing my hair differently but I have never tried the extensions. I thought about it because I did cut my hair and I wanted something longer but never went through with it.

I got a weave one time. LOVED IT! I even considered Loc extensions when I first started my locs because I didn't know if I had the patience to let them grow.

I've never tried hair extensions before, maybe something to consider the next time I cut my hair short ^.^

I love extentions! Just make sure you get the right person to do it! Lucky for me, my hair has grown out with a sew in and my girl does not braid tight so my edges aren't jacked up. It's not permenant so why not try it out!

As a man I like hair extensions on women just as long as it's not overdone. They definitely add more style and enhance beauty.

I had no idea Steve Harvey wore a male wig.

I JUST shared the information that I wear extension on my blog recently. I LOVE them. I use tape in extensions which i think are the least damaging for me. Once the hair is taped into your existing hair they remain secure for around 3 months (ive even gone 14 weeks inbetween visits!) And the hair and be used around 4 times. I highly recommend extensions if you are trying to grow our your hair like i am.


I have a love /hate relationship with weave. For the past 6 months or so, I've worn them quite frequently. However, I like wearing my own hair. I just cut my hair too short so I'll be getting a weave again soon.

@SatinandSalt - I remember. Your post plus some events over the weekend inspired this post.

oooohhh girl yes i love them! i have some. i have long hair, but i use it to make it fuller since i have super straight and fine hair. i love my extensions, i have one the comes with highlights that matches what i have. i also have one in chesnut brown. it's pretty easy to use, i only like the clip ons because the glued one, i heard can mess up your hair and i'm not ready for that.

I love them I wear them all the time when I want a different look .. great post I love the discussion

Personally not for me but I'm not against them at all for women who want to use it to add to their beautiful manes.

As everyone pretty much knows.Hair extensions can be easy to manage and it also is very helpful to your real hair because depending on what type of hairstyle you're wearing

I've been wearing a weave now for about 8 months. Before that, I rarely wore weave. However, the utility is great!!! I'm actually wearing weave as I transition to a natural state. Just like your natural hair, taking care of your weave is essential....otherwise you're gonna look a hot mess.

i would love to get extensions, but they are so expensive! i can't afford to spend that id of money right now now that i have kids... :) i think it looks beautiful though. :)

enjoy your wknd, dr. r!


I am in the process for of growing out my perm and weaves have saved me so far. As long as the stylist knows what they're doing I think it's a great help

I wore them back in the day for fun but not something I would use now permanently that I'm older. I'm glad I can grow a bit of hair lol.

If my real hair behaved the way that I wanted to, I wouldn't need to buy 1/2 weaves. Thank god for 1/2 weaves!

& what? Steve Harvey? Really?

Thanks so much for your sweet comment and as for hair extensions I have to say "Yay" since I wear them all the time. hehe. I like clip in's best so you can go from short to long in a few minutes. :)


I've never tried hair extensions before, but wouldn't mind trying them out. They make for a quick change in one's look, without subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals and whatnot.

I've had in hair extensions before but my hair is so fine they show :S
I've also been putting in those feather extensions lately for a little oomph! lol They look pretty, but again, in my fine hair, I need to place them in a good place!

Just wanted to share my new blog since I know you follow my old one :)

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