Monday, February 6, 2012

A Conversation with R & B Hit-maker - Daron Jones (formally of 112)

Daron Jones - Producer, Songwriter, Artist, and R & B Legend 

Daron Jones is R & B royalty. He is best known as a member of the Grammy Award winning group 112. During the 90s, the group sold out stadiums worldwide receiving platinum success. The group's successes were attributed to the powerhouse backing of music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, stellar presentation, and groundbreaking vocals.

Since the group's hiatus, individual members embarked upon solo projects. 

I had an opportunity to chat with Daron Jones about his solo career, upcoming projects, and his roots in the music industry.

A Conversation with Daron Jones

With the upcoming release of your sophomore album, the energy around you is high. How did you create such a buzz as an independent artist?

Being humble and consistently interacting with my fans, they create the buzz. I try to keep them happy, respond to them and give them the music they anticipate.

I’ve noticed a sense of evolution since your days with the award winning group, 112. What stimulated such an engaging transformation and independence?

Life in general, growing up. Being a solo artist and having a sense of independence means I don’t have to censor what I want to say, that helped me grow up and redefine myself.

What are the major differences between being a solo artist as opposed to being a member of a group?

Creative freedom, that’s the main difference.

You have strong roots in R&B, is it fair to expect more of the signature R&B sound or will there be differentiation in regards to sound and presentation?

It’s going to be the same, but there is going to be some versatility. Traditional R&B but more versatile.

There are a ton of new artists on the scene, who would you most like to collaborate with?

Alicia Keys because we both play the keys.

Your lists of production are absolutely phenomenal, are you still making hits for others or is the focus primarily on your “reinvention”?

I haven’t worked with any artists lately, but I may be working with Jennifer Hudson soon.

Speaking of “Reinvention”. This is your next album. Tell us the background and motivation for this album.

Reinvention is actually giving more. The motivation is wanting to improve, wanting to do better. I wanted to grow as a singer, songwriter and performer, just continue growing.

You know, 112 was the fire to the flames of many. You have a huge female fan base, is this CD and future efforts for the ladies or should the fellas expect a banger?

This album is for everybody really. It’s about love, life, relationships and wisdom. It’s an album everybody can enjoy.  

Lastly, envisioning 2012, what should we expect to see from Daron Jones?
In a word “Excellence” That is what I try to seek every day.

I enjoyed my conversation with Daron. He's such a talented individual with a wealth of creativity and wisdom. He has two singles out, "Baby Let Me Prove It" and "Safe with Me". Both can be found on iTunes.

Photo credits: Wil Law


Oohh hello did you tell him I was single wait no I am not *sigh*. Great interview

I had the biggest crush on Daron!

Good interview. I remember the group 112 and one of my favorite songs Cupid, but I hardly recall the face.

I can tell by the artists he might be working with, and longs to work with, that he has strong musical taste.

Good luck on the album.

Excellent Interview very positive and damn the brother is lovely. Did you interview him in the flesh?

Great interview. That first 112 CD was the best ever. I still listen to it.

I went to high school with his sister and we would all just act so silly when he would come around!

I'll be picking up the CD.

How fun!!! I loved 112:-) wishing him excellence indeed!!

Thanks for the compliments guys and yes he is absolutely GORGE!!!!

Awesome interview... 112 was the BOMB!!!!

Great interview. I absolutely loved 112. =)

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