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Chris Brown vs. Rhianna; Forgiveness or Foolish

The rekindling friendship between Chris Brown and his former sweetheart Rhianna is the colorful topic of conversation among bloggers and pop culture analysts. The pair finally made a public reunion because their new release "Birthday Cake". It is thought that the two "subtweets" regularly and Rhianna's vocals can be heard on Chris Brown's track, "Turn Up The Music".

Rihanna's decision to rekindle the friendship after the controversial break up has many proclaiming foul and denouncing anything remotely related to Chris Brown. Rihanna's mentor Jay-Z stated that he was "deeply disappointed" with their decision to collaborate and dissolve their differences. On several occasions, country singer, Miranda Lambert gives heated rhetoric regarding her refusal to support the troubled pop star - Chris Brown. Jay-Z and Lambert aren't the only pair to share their "disappointment" regarding the reunion, others within the industry and media gave similar sentiments of disappointment and confusion.

Here's where things get a bit fuzzy for me; there's this huge movement within pop culture called forgiveness. The queen of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey, dedicated a major portion of her Life Classes to the "power of forgiveness". She, as well as a host of spiritual leaders, life coaches, and Twitter Prophets give credence to the importance of forgiveness.

Picture it, American culture 1981-2012:

Ronald Reagan creates the "Trickle Down Theory" in which he suggested that a padding of rich pockets would create wealth for the poor because the financial remnants from the rich would trickle down to those in need. Didn't happen, in turn, one of the biggest recessions in US History occurred. 

"WE" forgave! and now he is touted as the best president in American History.

In 1991, Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas was appointed. The bitter confirmation hearings were a result of Thomas' unwelcomed sexual advances to Anita Hill.

"WE" forgave! and now he has a lifelong job as a supreme court justice.

In 1995, the black community celebrated in streets nationwide when the courts announced the acquittal of OJ Simpson.

"WE" forgave!! and O J had a bit of freedom and
 messed it up by being stupid but "WE" forgave.

Around 2002, R. Kelly was indicted for child pornography.

"WE" forgave!! He has gone to sell millions of hit records, sold out concerts, 
and was selected to sing at the funeral of Pop Icon - Whitney Houston.

From 2001-2009, 43rd President George W. Bush swore that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. None were found. 

"WE" forgave! and saluted him for catching Saddam Hussein 
who DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction but he was killed anyway.

Former President Bill Clinton reported by pop culture as the "first black president" was known as an adulterous philanderer and lied under oath.

"WE" forgave! but he's no longer the "first black president" 
but he did go on to a successful career as a consultant of the sorts.

Jay-Z former drug dealer, stabbed former business partner Un Rivera, SLAPPED a woman....

"WE" forgave! and he went on to become a mainstream 
music mogul and husband of Pop Princess Beyonce.


What's the barrier between Chris Brown and forgiveness?

My opinion: 

Chris Brown is challenging to like. He has public temper tantrums, is reckless during interviews and in public, and he beat up his former girlfriend once. However, what he did is not any worse than the aforementioned. No I do not support domestic violence but I do say this; the "Forgiveness Movement" is a bunch of BS. Authentic orgiveness is global and doesn't have limited access or availability. Yes, Chris Brown needs some spiritual advisement and a life coach but he should not be barred from forgiveness. Most importantly, the pair are young, immature and experiencing the pitfalls of life in the public eye. Again I ask, "What's the barrier between Chris Brown and forgiveness?"


I think they are young and I have done some stupid things when I was young because I did not know any better. I think they should leave them alone I don't believe in domestic violence either but it's their life and we have to stop getting in others business because no one is perfect.

Well done and well said, you made me snicker with the Jay Z incident, so sad but true. I'm not an advocate of domestic violence either, nor am I a fan of Chris Brown acting like a 2 year old at times but my question is the same as yours, why shouldn't we forgive? If a man falls on his knees before God and asks for forgiveness, he is forgiven so who are we as "man" to continue to throw something up in his face that the "One" who counts has already freed him from.

oh, rhianna... you can forgive, but why did you do that song with him??? i don't understand that one....

we all make mistakes and move on, right? but some of us have thicker skin and pretend like nothing happened, lol. i wish i can do that...

have a lovely week, r!


I do believe in forgiveness but like you said C.B. IS challenging to like. To be forgiven you should present yourself as someone who is remorseful and his behavior in subsequent years has been very sketchy. People forget though that Rihanna wanted to go back to him right after it happened and it was ONLY public outcry that caused her to stop. She is finally doing what she wanted to do initially. You just gotta let people do what they are gonna do and get what they are gonna get.

For some reason I feel like these two never really stopped talking. They only "stopped" their relationship in public. In some situations it's better to forgive but to keep it moving. Great post!


I believe in forgiveness, but I'm not sure I would put myself back in the line of fire.

Chris brown has issues. He has not changed. But if RhiRhi gets hit upside the head again, I dont want to hear about it.

I never felt like he needed MY forgiveness, as he didn't whoop MY azz. But, I still don't like him,(or any other abusers, womanizers, white collar criminals, most politicians, etc) and I'll never support him. To be fair though, I was really never a fan of his music to begin with. He always had "jerk" written all over him, in my opinion.

Like you said, Chris Brown is hard to like, and he never really "seemed" sorry to me. Maybe he should donate money to shelters for abused women, or do some type of awareness, etc, to get his forgiveness.

if rihanna has found in her heart to forgive chris brown, kudos to her. if this is how they can move past everything that happened between them, so be it. i just hope her forgiving him doesn't mean getting back with him and repeating the same mistake over again. there's a difference between forgiving and not learning from your mistakes. chris brown is chris brown and he can sit down.

I think she should make this time the last time if that is the direction they are heading in. If he has changed, which is borderline, then I hope the best for them. If not, honey, move on...

Girl this is a fabulous post! I wholeheartedly agree with u regarding our "forgiveness selectivity". As a society we pick and choose who to forgive. That young man needs guidance. We must remember he grew up in a household where domestic violence was common. Obviously, its not an excuse, but it does warrant counseling for sure. I hope they don't reconnect romantically because that would be really disappointing.

Great article! I think it's good for Rihanna and Chris Brown to be friends again. They have a history together that NO ONE other then themselves know. The world can look and ridicule, but they're only judging the relationship's cover. They are VERY young and have a lot to experience and learn. I think their reconcile is for the good, although I don't think they should get back together as a couple anytime soon. If they were to, they should wait a few years. Sh*t happens. Hope they'll keep their fists to themselves from now on.

& Society needs to quit giving out 'get out of jail free' cards to "famous" people. It ain't right and it's only contributing to making this world WORST.

You made some very interesting comparisons. Well done.....
I do believe in forgiveness. I just really hope that all is now well and they never put themselves in that type of situation again.

This is a really good post! I am still trying to understand the whole global forgiveness concept...epecially for those who do not pay for their acts of "bad judgement" As far as Chris Brown, I totally agree with you. I was really trying hard with him too look past his mistakes but he makes it difficult. Immaturity on both parts is definitely the issue.

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