Friday, February 17, 2012

Brazilian - The New Standard of Beauty

Our love affair with Brazilian Beauty is quente e intensa (hot and intense). Our culture has subscribed to the Brazilian Wax, Brazilian Blowouts/Straightening Systems, and most eye-catching, the Brazilian Butt Lift.

There are numerous points of conception regarding our love affair with the exotic, sensual beauty of Brazilian women, however are there any in particular that you've come to enjoy.

Most notable are:

Brazilian Wax is the complete removal of hair in the pelvic area from front to back.

Brazilian is a keratin (protein) treatment meant to temporarily straighten the hair.

Brazilian But Lift is taking exiting fat from the patient and injecting it in the buttock area to create a rounder appearance. (different than butt implants)

Are any of these beauty treatments in your routine?


I have tried the brazilian keratin program but I'll never try the wax!!! Brrrr!!

I'm considering getting a Brazilian wax, but....I.Don't.Like.Pain. So this is a problem....

I need the butt lift but the needle part scares me the wax I don't think so.

I have done the Brazilian bikini wax a few times and will be doing it again soon!
Yes, it HURTS! Especially the first time.....
BUT hubs thinks it is sexy, so you know how that goes. ;)

The hair treatment I'm not familiar with, interesting......

I've had the wax and I wanted to murder the person who did it!!!!!!!! Down with Brazil on that one.

As far as the butt thing... I really want that one. Butts up on that one!

I am Chinese...not brazilian...'nuff said. HAHAHA

I wanna try the wax but the first time I got my eyebrows waxed I cried so I can only imagine waxing downtown...ouch!

Umm no...but I heard that wax is nothing nice. But the same person who said it was nothing nice also said she would do it again.

hey, r! how are you? hope you're well and are enjoying your weekend. :)

i love brazilian everything. the women are beautiful, and i'm a huge fan of the wax and the hair procedures. :)



I am a fan of Brazilian wax and might consider a but lift but I've heard horror stories about the straightening system.

i've done the hair and liked it :) NO NO NO to the wax and def don't need the butt lift.

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