Thursday, February 23, 2012

"American Idol" - Love On Top - Cover Contest

Superstar Pop Icon Beyonce released the chart topping hit "Love of Top" late last year. Since then, songbirds across the world shared their renditions of the magical upbeat love song via Youtube. Because it is one of my favorite Beyonce songs and there are so many outstanding covers for it, I decided to have an "American Idol" Love On Top - Cover Contest.

Below are three of my favorite covers. Listen to each rendition in its entirety, then in the comment section, vote for your favorite version. 

Version 1 - Syesha from season 7 of American Idol

Version 2 - Chloe and Halle - Child sensations. Featured in various movies since the early ages of three. Now  ages 13 and 10 respectively.

Version 3 - Kris Collins - Singer/Songwriter, YouTube Sensation (Skuby08)


I love Chloe and Halle the best! My daughter introduced me to their YouTube channel a few months ago. They are so talented.

I love all three of them! They each so talented! If I had to pick one, I'd have to go with my girl Syesha though.

Love them all but I would have to pick Syesha. She is a full grown gorgeous woman and the songs fits her.Chloe and Halle, get your awesome butts on Disney or Nickelodean right now .Run don't walk.

These are 3 great musical performances! I had never heard of any of these 3 but now I have :)

i have to say they are all good! chloe and halle gets my vote thought. this is awesome!

have a great wknd!


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