Saturday, January 7, 2012

Warning; Brow Beating Ahead!

A woman's beauty is one of her greatest treasures. Though "beauty" is in the eye of the beholder (as the cliche' goes) beauty and appearance are cousins, therefore they are "hand & hand".

One of the most noted trends in beauty and fashion is the revolution of the eye brow. Revolution, you say. Yes ma'am the "Revolution of the Eyebrow". There is such great attention given to the transformation of the brow. Women across the world are giving greater lust to their eyebrows because it is a key element in framing the face, creating an alluring appearance, and for some, shaking the once unibrow. 

As evolution and transformation goes, great things spawn and tales of tragic loom. (insert sigh here). Welp, unfortunately, there are many, many, many, tales of tragic as it relates to the transformation of the brow. If you are into fashion, or a fashion or beauty blogger, you've seen tragedy on Youtube and on MUA blogs. This post in no means is passage to "throw shade" or call anyone out, but, it's an alignment with creating a better brow for the good of mankind. OK. Let's get started shall we.

1. Good-bye Natural Brow

In my opinion (IMO), removing the natural brow to only draw them back on is the worst offense EVER. This has been one of the greatest eyebrow offenses for decades. Ladies and drag queens too, please stop. It's really not a good look. 

2. Dramatic brow

O_o. This nonsense started in around 2005 or so from what I can remember. Um why? Why in the world would any person create a Teen Wolf effect on their face. Unless hairy is the new sexy, please stop.

3. Brow Creativity.

Amateur, novice, kitchentician MUAs, this is primary your fault. I know it's hard breaking into the fashion/beauty industry. I know that one must create a bounty of authenticity to stand before the crowd, but please take it from me, this Create-a-Brow AIN'T it. Stop it.

There are several other brow offenses in and about someone's "beauty" but it's 2012 so just stop it. Ok. This is a PSA from me, with light and love of course. There are several women, and drag queens too, who are doing it swell in 2012, therefore that post is to come.

In your opinion, what are the greatest brow offenses?

These pictures were found on the internet and none were taken by me. I wouldn't do such a thing.


I always thought removing your natural brow and coloring it back in was kind of different, definitely not for me.
I am not willing to step that far out of the box.

haha Love this post as I hate my eye brows. It takes forever for them to grow back in. :) I made a mistake a long time ago with them and am still paying for it! Ugh! Why do we mess with a good thing?

I am chuckling at this post because we see evidence of all this DAILY and some. Why?!?

This post made me laugh at loud! I never understood why some women do this to their eyebrows!

Whoa dere. I mean I love getting mines arched but that's as far as I am willing to go.

I guess I suffer from the greatest brow offense, lol.

I never understood completely removing all you eyebrow and painting it back in....looks so fake. The tattoos are pretty crazy too! But hey individuality is welcomed in our society right?!

Lol toooo funny.
I always wondered what Brandy was thinking when she let someone do her brows like that. I love her but....

Oh my gosh! Haha. This is quite funny. I don't think i could ever shave my natural eyebrows. No matter how much of a pain it is maintain them.


oh my goodness, #1 and #3 whew chile! again, if it's overdone it's obviously not natural and most of the time, it's obviously ugly. IMO.

In the hispanic community, I see this a lot with the penciled in eyebrow. It looks so weird. Another thing I've seen is the permanent eyeliner that is not quite on the actual eyelid. What in the world are these women thinking and I always wonder what their spouses or mates think? lol. #Fail

I hate shave it off, draw it back in brow. And the over done brow. I just don't understand! Who told them it looked good???

I didn't pluck my eyebrows at all until I was required to have them shaped for a job after college. Looking back at my old photos--wow! I blame my mother for not saying anything. :)

Dr. Regina, this needed to be said, lol. I know beauty in general is subjective, but... some of! Why?

Those vines as eyebrows...craziest thing I have ever seen.

This post is funny and true. I feel the same way about all of these statements. Great post!


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