Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tanda Skincare

One of my goals for 2012, is to take better care my skin. As a 30 something, hormonal being, I am sometimes plagued with breakouts due to hormonal changes and bacteria. I must admit that sometimes I leave my make-up on overnight which a big NO-NO, so I'm sure this attributes to some unsightly pimples. 

As I am a product-junkie, I am always on the hunt for the next best product. I have found some effective solutions along the way. Recently, I happened upon Tanda. Because Tanda has a variety of treatments for various skin problems, I am considering trying one of their acne light treatment and anti-aging light therapy products. The treatment of acne starts below the service, both of these products address skin issues at their source. I will try both of these products under the supervision of my dermatologist. 

Do you have any new skin care regimens?

This is a sponsored post but all opinions and experiences are unique to Dr. Reginia and Her Perfect Black Dress.


I'd love to try this out. The last thing I read that was somewhat similar was a ZENO product and yes at 1+30 I am STILL getting zits!

i had decent skin until i became a SAHM. i am breaking out like crazy right now. i have to try the tanda zap... hope it'll zap all of my unwanted zittos. i am a prod junkie myself. :)

Yes ma’am… thanks for sharing!!!!! I really need something for my DRY skin… it’s the absolute worst!!!!

This might be worth a try. I am always looking for great skin products to try. Thank you for this!

thanks for sharing..i have terrible skins sometimes so i am trying to add to my beauty regiment!

I am looking for a new skin care regimen. I think I may give this a try. Great post :)


Came here at right time, thanks so much for @LisaSkin Care

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