Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rosa Mexicano (Review)

You guys know that I took a trip across the waters for my birthday; well during the tiny vacation, I shimmied around Miami a day or two as well. My friend and I stopped for a few bites to eat after a day of shopping of the sorts in the Lincoln Rd area of South Beach.

We stopped by a casual but swanky spot called Rosa Mexicano. There's one here in Atlanta, in Atlantic Station, but I've never been. We arrived at the joint just in the nick of time because shortly thereafter, the wait list began.

The restaurant is quite sultry in appearance; very attractive and a perfect fit for Lincoln Rd and Atlantic Station. Though the lights are low and the seating hints of "tre' posh", it is slightly family friendly (a crying baby would ruin everyone's mood).

On the way to our table, I noticed a cart filled with freshly cut vegetables. I didn't give it a second thought until the server asked if we wanted to try their signature guacamole. (We indulged)

My friend loves guacamole so I decided to try it (again). I must say that this guacamole was heavenly. It was made with fresh avocados, onions, tomatoes, lemon, and lime (probably something else too but I forgot).

We also had this skillet cheese dip type of thing, I forgot the name of that too (maybe the margaritas). I do remember the Chicken Tortilla Pie
(so good).

Upon entering, I assumed that this was a standard, casual, dining place but no ma'am, the bill set us back $96 (including tip). Have your coins in order before taking a taste of Ms. Rosa Mexicano.

Locations are;
I will try Rosa Mexicano again.

Have you been? Does this sound like a place that you'd like to try? 


Nope, never been... glad you enjoyed but I'm SCARED of guacamole!!!! LOL!!!!

I have never had guacamole before but it looks good. I may try them out one day I don't know about that price though.

My family and I have been to Atlantic Station location. The service was great and the guacamole was delicious! So glad you enjoyed your time away!

You went across waters for your birthday and had a guacamole treat at Rosa Mexicano in Miami. Well this has been a great year for you already. Happy Belated Birthday, Queen May you have many more adventures like Rosa Mexicano! Ase

I'm not a fan of guacamole( something about the texture) but the rest looks good!

I have not been. I travel to the MIA quite often so I will definitely add it to my list of "go-to" dining spots.

hope you had a fantastic time on your birthday! this is one of my fave restaurants. when i used to work in manhattan.. i loved going there. i used to also go occasionally with my girlfriends in new jersey. their guac is soooo good! hope all of your b-day wishes come true, r!

I LOVE Rosa Mexicano!!! that's all :)

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