Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reality TV - My Favorites

Everybody knows that reality TV is one of the hottest trends in network programming. There are reality shows based on every genre that one can imagine. The span includes housewives, dieters, thrill seekers, money makers, makeovers, cooking, and the list goes on.

I've been a reality TV connoisseur since the early 90s with the launch of Real World - New York on MTV. It's been almost 20 years since my love affair with reality TV began and I don't see it ending soon. I must admit, the "realness" of these shows have taken a huge decline. Many of the shows are scripted and deeply contrived, so my viewing pleasures are somewhat limited these days.

Below is a list of a few of my favorite personalities:

Phaedra is my absolute favorite of all the housewives on any series. Though she may not be a housewife in the traditional sense, her talents far exceed any reality show title. I like Phaedra because she's smart, southern, witty, and able to roll with the flow. Her fashions are fly. There's something about intelligent Type A personalities that just screams swell - this is so Phaedra. This season, I get to see more interactions between she, Apollo, and baby Aden. Baby Aden is such a cutie. I want to see more of Phaedra's mom. She's a hoot and I'm her namesake.So with that...Everybody knows that Phaedra Parks is my weekly watch. Get it Phaedra.

Lisa is my favorite member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. IMO, she's the picture of a real housewife. She's pretty, involved, well-dressed, and she is NOT the bread winner. She also has the 80s glam which I love. The way she interacts with her husband tickles me to no end. Though she's the eldest of the group, she doesn't act like some matriarch. She's lively and sophisticated.

PS. I've eaten at Villa Blanca and it's quite good. If you're ever in Beverly Hills, this is a must try. I shared the Baked King Crab Rolls and I had the Roasted Prime Filet Mignon.

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle is my newest fav. They are the absolute cutest couple ever. Their dynamic makes them such a likable pair. Both are soooooo southern and have the Atlanta charm down to a sweet potato science. I'd love to spend the day with the both of them at a summer cookout. They seem like they'd be the best hosts: refreshing your sweet tea, bringing another rib or five, great music know the perfect summer set up. I don't know why I think of summer BBQ's with them, I just do. 

I will be tuned in to them for the rest of the season.

Drita, Drite, Drita! Drita is the gritty vixen from Mob Wives. I like Drita because she's a no nonsense kind of girl. Though she's a bit of a hot head, she seems very likable and loyal. She's the good girlfriend that you can talk to no matter what. IMO, Drita and I could hang, kick it, and pal around NYC. See, she's straight from the hip most times, and I dig people like that. "Love me some Drita". 

Reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures? What about you?


I LOVE Phardra! She needs her own show. She is the only reason I still watch Atlanta Housewives.

I like T.I. and Tiny too. They are really cute.

I love TI it's nice to see him in a new light. I like Phaedra also but I also love Nene no one likes her but she makes the show she is crazy. I don't watch any of the other housewives I can only take but so much.

Phaedra is my favorite housewife, hands down! She's so entertaining! I love watching T.I. and Tiny as well. They are a breath of fresh air to reality tv (which is nowadays consisting of fighting wannabes smh).

Love me some reality TV! Drita from Mob Wives is just gansta! I didn't think I would like TI show but I really love it! They show a different side of him as a family man. SO positive!

Girl I love me some Phadra Parks! She is hilarious!
And Lisa is my favorite Beverly Hills housewife too. I love her accent and she is just exactly what I picture as a Beverly Hills housewife! LOVE IT
TI and Tiny is really my favorite new reality show. You are right. I just want to hang out with them and play spades.

Everybody knowsssss... I LOVE ME some Phaedra!!!! Reality TV is my GUILTY Pleasure as MUCH as I hate it... I LOVE IT!!!! LOL!!!!

Does that even make sense???!!!

I love love love Drita! Mob Wives is it! I haven't watched any of the Housewives shows. I do like Family Hustle.

I love Phaedra and TI and Tiny's family hustle.. I'm into love in hip hop right now..

"reality TV connoisseur" I love it. I agree that there's something heartwarming about TI and Tiny. They make a very cute couple. Happy New Year.

I am not ashamed for my obsession with reality TV.
It's a sickness, really, but at least I can admit it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

LOL @ Bonnie.

Phaedra is loved around these parts... but everyone knows that.

Reality TV is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! I looooove Keeping Up and Real World!


Guuuurl, I'm not shamed face either - I love some of the reality tv shows! And like most others, Phaedra is def the best ATL "wife". I have TI and Tiny on my DVR, but I haven't had a chance to watch them yet. Tim Gunn from Project Runway and Tom Collichio from Top Chef are two of my other favs.

I saw a recent episode of her and Phaedra is pretty awesome. Last year she was a little annoying! I love realty shows! The Braxtons are my fav right now.. I love the mess that is Tamar Braxton...she is too!!

Even though its trash TV I can't help but love it too! Phaedra is my favorite. Her quotables give me life! I would love to see her with her own show. I really like Family Hustle as well. Wish it was longer than 30 minutes

I also like Drita and Lisa Phaedra not soo much. Its something about her thats a bit shady to me and I cant quite put my finger on it. I was suppose to interview Lisa out in Beverly Hills not too long ago, but those plans fell through because of her schedule, the restaurant looks gorg though.

I don't really have an all time fav out of all the ladies,hmm?

I too am a reality show junkie. I think reality shows account for about 75% of all the TV I watch. It just so happens that you posted 3 of my favorites. I love Phaedra Parks, and I love T.I. and Tiny. They each seem to make reality drama look good!

I agree with all your picks especially Phadrea, I love that southern charm and her professionalism.

Drita doesn't play and I love it! She reminds me of my bestie from Philly. Ready to pop off at a moments notice!

I don't like Lisa, I think she is a bit snooty and tends to look down on others. But she does know how to wear a sheath dress!

I watch reality TV here and there but not enough to have favorites...although I cannot stand Tiny & TI...worst depiction of black me anyway....3, 4, 5 baby mommas, jail time drama, and not being able to pursue her singing career (she's very talented too) yea yall can have that lol But hey just me.

Recently, I've gotten into the Braxton Family Values

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