Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grandmother's Beauty Secrets

A grandmother is one of the best treasures within a family. To a little girl turned budding woman, a grandmother's wisdom is priceless. Grandmother's shed wisdom on everything from spirituality, love, finances, and of course beauty. Some of grandmother's "tried 'n true" beauty treasures are greater than any self help book or product on the market.

My grandmother and many of the elders in the community swore by the use of natural herbs for beauty and wellness. She used a variety of things such as oatmeal scrubs, honey, rose water, olive oil, crushed aspirin, cloves, and sage. Some dismissed these concoctions as "snake oils" but "G-mama" and the others were free of harsh illnesses, wrinkles, and other things that we deemed as problematic.

G-mama and the elders offered the following:

  • Clean skin with peroxide and tone with witch hazel.
  • Oatmeal scrubs for smooth skin.
  • Mix olive oil with lotion to prevent ashy skin.

  • Crushed aspirin mixed with a hint of Noxzema to clean and exfoliate.
  • Honey was a humectant for our hair and skin.

Did your grandmother use nontraditional products for beauty and wellness?

Tell us about it.


my grandma swears by coco butter...but the real African version...she uses it every morning and night without fail...she is in her eighties and has the nicest sofest skin ever!

grandma's are awesome !!!

My mom used Oil of olay when I was little my grandma only used soap and water she was not into the facial stuff she was the cook but her face was always smooth and she looked good for her age.

This article is absolutely true! Grandmothers are a great source, they have tried EVERYTHING and they know what works and what doesn't.


@Mrs. Pancakes - Both of my grandmother's thought that Coco Butter was a God send. I love the smell of Coco butter.

@Jeimy - Yes they are

@Kita - One of my grannies used Oil of Olay as well. I thought that bottle was so fancy.

@ Lynn - Yes they know everything and then some.

I miss my Granny NuNu! She taught me soo much! I remember her wearing long manicured neon orange nails! She was a feisty lil lady and didn't mind getting you told! I miss her and her style! xoxo

Grandmas have the best beauty secrets! Mine swore by coco butter and slathering your feet with vaseline at night and sleeping in thick socks for smooth feet.

Grandmothers knew best! They had simple solutions for everything and still look great because of it! I remember using Vaseline and Cocoa Butter for everything and lemon juice as well. Strangely enough, I am still using lemon juice and rosewater too!

The only thing my grandma did was stay out of the sun and moisturize. Sadly I LOVE the sun :) but I buy good creams :)

I remember my grandmother always using the aloe from a particular house plant as a Neosporin-like healer.

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