Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Fashion Week" - Work Edition

Women who work outside of the home are often challenged with selecting appropriate yet appealing clothing for the work week. Our work locations vary: executive, business casual, or casual. Therefore, finding clothing that aligns with work expectations yet representing our personal taste is important.

My work environment is mostly business casual. It's dressy without the suit, and casual without the jeans. Therefore, there's a lot of room for interpretation. For the most part, I linger around this dressy casual genre. I don't want to appear too relaxed nor too dressy. 

Here's the tricky part, my closet is a hodge-podge of everything. It is neatly arranged by color: blouses, jeans, pants, and jackets. I fold my shirts. I feel that I have a decent amount of clothes, but I could always use more. However, I wear the same work outfits, over, and over, and over, and over. Why? Procrastination and preparation.

Before I leave the house, my bedroom is a mess because I am hunting for something to wear.

It's frustrating to say the least.

So I BEG ask, how do you prepare your work outfits for the week? I want to be fashionable all week and not look like an overworked and underpaid middle manager (because I'm not). 


great post I usually dont pick out my outfits for the week I go with inspirations I get from other bloggers websites celebrities and just colors how Im feeling and if im gonna wear my hair up or down. I dont prepair for the week because if I do the weather might have something to do with it or things will change throughout the week so I go on a daily basis.

that's so true. trying to find a balance between work and chic...I never know what to wear to interviews

I wish I had this issue. I throw on a pair of scrubs and keep it moving. Since we wear the same thing, its easy just to get up and go.

I don't unfortunately! Always trying to figure out what to do in the morning!! One my gf's picks out her clothes the night before which is helpful!

my wardrobe is planned around the weather, especially where i live. i'll always have my staple items like jeggings, skinny jeans, leggings and jeans for that matter, boots, cardigans, etc but for me the key is sometimes adding a pop of color to my outfits and accessories like scarves and earrings. i dress mostly casual at work because i need to be able to move around pretty easily when i visit the classrooms or should there be an emergency (can't run in those stilettos). so yea, some days you'd find me in my nikes, jeans and american eagle raglan shirts, but never in sweats and flip flops!

I plan in advance and it works well. The night before I get everything all ready to go. I even hang it on the back of the door and add any accessories, etc. And I will put the shoes beside the door so everything is set. If I waited til morning I would wear the same thing every day.....

Ok, I'm OCD...I pick out my clothes on Sunday for Monday-Thursday. On occasion I may switch up an article of clothing, or an accessory. I just don't have the time to find something to wear each night. The only thing I don't do is figure out which shoes I'm going to wear. I have too many and they are either in the attic or on the top shelf of my closet. I have to get a foot stool to get them down...I can't stand doing that! lol

I have my already standard work outfit in place so if I can't think of anything I put on a collared blouse, pencil skirt, and a belt :)

Putting my clothes together and ironed if need be on Sunday works wonders! Suits are easy, just get 5 together!

One thing that helps me get ready super quickly in the morning is to always try to have most of my clothes washed and properly pressed. Nothing is worse than thinking you have something that matches and then realizing it has a stain. Another thing... when buying clothes for work, I like to buy things within the same color palette (all cool colors, or all warm colors) this ensures that i have LOTS of things but they all match!


This is a problem for me as well. Like you, my office is business casual and I have a hodge-podge of many different articles of clothing in my closet. Trying to find that balance of, not too stiff and not too relaxed, gets frustrating. I find that it helps if I pick something out the night before..ssometimes a couple of outfits. That isn't a fail proof plan though. There are many times that I still rummaged around aimlessly in the mornings. I was all for the bus. cas. look when i first started it, but now it seems business is much more easy. Grab a suit and go. So, yea, if you figure something out..give me a holler. Lol

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