Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

Somewhere out there in the "Land of Love" there is a couple or 10 who are trying to decide on the perfect first date. Eons ago, when I first started dating, it was expected and rather traditional for the first date to consist of dinner and a movie.

Let's fast forward to a new century. Since my first date, many things have transpired and I've kicked a many guy to the curb because the first date was all wrong. The traditional dinner and a movie hoopla are a no-no for me. I mean who wants to sit next to a stranger between 90-120 minutes risk his hands, hot breath, and weird vibes. *lowers hand - NOT ME. Therefore, I encourage short, trendy first dates to simply gauge what's what. You may have found Mr. What's His Name via online, a hook up, by chance or stalking; either way, the first date is important.

My suggestions are; coffee shops, book stores, a "vibing" lounge, happy hour, a tech bar, or appetizers at the hip restaurant. First dates should be quick and fun. Most sane people can determine general character and vibes. Why plan for a long drawn out date for a maybe? Why chance it? Who has that type of time?

What's your idea of a great first date? What did you do with your catch?


casual is better for me. i'd rather not call it a date either, that word just spreads the heebie-jeebies on me. i prefer to just say, "let's have lunch" or "let's do happy hour" or "hang out." something. men also get weird about "dates." and yes, no to movies or anything long and drawn out. and if i was forced into a movie, i'd sit near the exit for easy escape. what i did with my catch? we're still together :)

I like things light and fun. Somewhere we can talk in a quiet setting. My first date was at the park we had a great time because I could hear him and get to know him better.

TOtally agree with this! I prefer first dates that involve some sort of activity such as mini golf or whatever.



Ok, for real though… After meeting my husband our 1st date was at the WAFFLE HOUSE!!!! #Don’t Judge me – Yessss… I said the Waffle House!!! LOL!!!! At any rate, I had to work and didn’t get off until later on that night and nothing was open besides the waffle house but let me just say that was the BEST 1st date ever! We spent hours in the Waffle House talking about any & everything! And, guess what it worked because we are STILL happily married today! Moving on… Dinner & a movie on a 1st date is so overrated & old school you can never get to totally know a person. I say do something in a quiet setting. Starbucks or maybe a cupcake shop are good to just get something light to eat and TALK so you can get to know one another and at that point you know if you want to really hang out or go out again and NO time wasted nor has a whole lot of money been wasted!

My husband and I went swimming on our first date. I had told him that I loved to swim so that's what we did. Thinking outside of the box and doing the unexpected is a great

I agree with your comments ladies. I like Waffle House and wouldn't be made at that at all. It's cheap, provides a means for conversation, and no one is out of anything but 10 bucks or so. Activity first dates are ideal as well. You get to see a human side of a person.

@Mimi - Cool date. Now that's innovative.

I definitely like to keep first dates casual and light. Meeting for coffee or lunch are great ways to talk and keep it brief. And the best part is that it doesn't drag on if you end up not hitting it off.

I think casual is best. If you are not feeling it, then you can bow out quickly!

My first date with my current boyfriend was dinner and a movie. That worked for me because at the time we weren't strangers, we had spent a few weeks doing the phone thing, so it wasn't awkward. We had dinner a melting pot which was perfect because it was intimate and quiet. We had the three course meal with gave us plenty of time to do lots of talking. Hell I am talker when I go to the movies so I still had plenty to say! Lol.

My first date was also dinner and a movie. Honestly I think dinner is enough if gives you just enough time to to get to know each other end on a good note. Movies can be kinda personal and I dont ever feel comfortable going to see a movie in the dark with someone im not familiar with.


Great comments. I agree, if someone really wants to go the traditional route, dinner is plenty. It's enough time for conversation and to gauge if there will be another date.

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