Friday, December 23, 2011

Wine - A Taste of Sophistication

With the holidays upon us and New Year's Eve fast approaching, many are making their final selections for the spirit or adult beverage of their choice. 

There are many options when it comes to selecting the right spirit for your holiday setting, so I'm offering a bit of beverage background to ease your selection process.

My selection for adult beverage is wine. Wine excites my palate with a bit of sexiness and a hint of exotic. There are an array of wines. Each is paired based on social experience, setting, and host preference. Traditionally, white wines are coupled with soft events and dinners with chicken or pork. Red wines are served with beef, veal, and some etiquette professionals suggest turkey. 

I recommend a consultation with a professional event planner to prevent any faux pas in designing a formal party of gala. However, if it's an evening among friends, make a selection based on attendees, requests, and of course host preference.

My short list of preferred wines are: Barbera, Syrah, Chardonnay, Malbec, and Riesling.

Are you a wine connoisseur? If you're planning a party soon, what will be your wine choice?


i go wine tasting twice a year. sadly, i'm not quite a red wine drinker, unless it's the spanish wine called tempranillo or some other blended reds. i don't like the oaky taste and smell of them. i'm more of a white wine drinker, muscatti, riesling - mostly sweet to semi sweet white wine. then there's also fruity foo-foo cocktails. someone better be the DD.

I want to get more into wines, specifically reds, but I keep going back to the same thing. So sad. Maybe I'll be more adventurous in the new year

I prefer whites and blushes as well. Dry red wine is not a favorite. Of course, during happy hour, I like mixed drinks.

I would hardly call myself a wine connesouer but I like white wine. It's light and airy to the taste and goes fantastically with red meat (though people say red wine and red meat are like PB&J I beg to differ).

Whites are definitely a first choice for me since I eat only fish and to me it goes better. My wine of choice is Moscato all day.

I love wine. I only like sweet or fruity wines. I do not like dry, bitter or tart tasting wines. I feel like because my preference is sweet, it does put several limitations on the wines I drink. I would say that I prefer white over red. Simply because sweet red wines are even harder to find. I did find a sweet red called Roscato. I also sway towards Moscato D'Asti. I attended a wine tasting about a month ago, but unfortunately I was unable to add anything new to my collection.

@Anna - I don't fall the hard fast rules to wine drinking either. I drink what I like which is mainly Moscato now. It's so lite but still has a punch.

@Happy New Year to you JT

@Lisa - Yes I love Moscato too

@Arel - I recently found a red Moscato. I am on the fence with it. Something was bland about it. Regular Moscato is great.


I am all for drinking wine during the holidays! It also has much fewer calories than beer or mixed drinks PLUS red wine is great for your heart! Hope to see you again sometime over at my blog!


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