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Trend or True Treasure; Thrifting

Trend or True Treasure; Thrifting

It's no secret that "Thrifting" has become a movement among the hip and chic. Thrifters find everything from clothing, accessories, and even household furnishings.Some of the findings are in stellar condition while other items need a bit of TLC. Avid thrifters such as Rashon Carraway AKA Mr. Goodwill Hunting has taken thrifting to phenomenal levels. He has outfitted people and rooms with treasures he's found from thrifting.

On December 3, 2011, Mr. Goodwill Hunting paired with two Atlanta Bloggers to host a fashion extravaganza at the B&R Thrift Store in Sandy Spring, GA (an Atlanta suburb). 

click photo for a larger view

I Love Thrifting Day (#ILoveThriftingDay)  is July 7, 2012.

Check out Rashon Carraway as he has been featured on Nate Berkus and Charlotte Today.

I <3 Thrifting T-Shirts are available at

Are you a "thrifter" or bargain shopper? Tell us about it.


I saw this earlier Mimi has me getting into the thrifting era and I am loving it. I wish they had more clothes my size but I am sure someone will have a thrifting store dedicated to plus size women one day.

You should check out the B&R Store. It's neatly arranged by size which helps a lot in finding a treasure. I am a 14/16 and when the stuff isn't arranged neatly, I find it hard to get stuff.

You already know. I think I am going to get me one of those shirts! I love thrifting.

i am not a thrifter. i've tried, i've always wanted to be one of those people who can just go to buffalo exchange, but no can do. WHY? allergies. there's something about those places that makes me sneeze all the time, i don't know about you, but my nose smells that "certain thrift store" smell - dust, whatever it is - it doesn't do me good. watery-eyes, achu-achu! it never fails. so, i buy my stuff new at the store.

I like thrift shopping, yet I had no luck this season. xoxo

Thrifting!!!! I love that there's a word for it :) (And "avid thrifters" is a gorgeous phrase!)

Dr. Regina thank you for the recap of our event. I along with VirtuousStyls are the bloggers who co-hosted the event with Mr. Goodwill Hunting.

I have been an avid thrifter for over 20 years. I credit my mom for nurturing the joy of thrifting in me but back then their was a stigma attached to shopping at thrift stores. So I did it but didn't really share the source of my fabuless finds with anyone outside my circle.

Today it's all I can talk about because people are really beginning to see the benefits of thrifting. As a personal stylist, I have clients who love the thrifted outfits more than the "retail" outfits. It is a unique look that is all their own.

Yay for thrifting, I just wish there were better stores near me!

Thank you for your comment (: If you want to publish my tutorial on your blog it's fine, just link back to my blog (:

Anyway, I'm definetly a thrifter! I love thrift stores, I always find cool things for almost nothing :D But I wish I had more shops near me!


I'm not a thrifter, but I plan to be. I'm definitely a bargain shopper though. I almost never pay close to full price for anything that I buy.

Thanks for the lovely comments :):):) You are a sweetheart, following you now x.x

I have to get into it more! I might visit this store next week!

I try, I really try, but thrifting is NOT my thing. I suck at it. But I always love what other people find.

I am definitely a thrifter. I just commented on another blog that I find myself wearing more of my thrifted finds more than the stuff I buy brand new in the malls and such. I love find the most unique things!


Oh, I'm such a thriftaholic!!! Of course, I like a bargain too, but nothing stands close to thrifting!!! Yay, I'm glad to learn about your sweet blog- thank you so much :)
Good luck!

My friend took me to my first thrifting experience last year and I was blown away to be honest. We spend 3 hours trying on designer dresses and tops for amazing prices! I can't wait to go back! Your blog is awesome.

thrifting is so my thing, but after having kids, i don't have much time for it. after seeing your wonderful post and photos, i would love to find time to thrift again. :)

hope you have a good weekend.


Oh how cool - I live right down the street from the B&R Thrift....actually I was there several weeks ago, haha! Thanks for your comment!

I am definitely a bargain hunter but thrifting is new to me. I did go on a consignment shopping excursion back in October and struck gold. However, the prices were a bit on the high side....but I did get some great items.

I love thrifting, however I have not gone in ages. I actually have been meaning to go for the last couple of weekends, to find a desk for my office. Maybe this weekend :).



I love thrifting too! My mom was an avid thrifter! So, I guess it's in my blood! LOL! Will you consider hosting the I love thrifting event this summer?! : )

Trend or not, I have jumped on the bandwagon. I tried thrifting for the first time a couple months ago and LOVED it! I found some amazing deals! Im sold!

I am a MASTER THRIFTER! I've turned it into my business. I absolutely love it and have found too many great finds to keep my going almost daily! I was at the event this weekend. Great time!

I am definitely a bargain shopper and a thrifter. I love finding original and inexpensive clothing. In the past few years, I have become addicted to thrifting. I love it!

I'm half of each! I love thrifting because I often find pieces that are more unique or perhaps just older--and there's nothing quite like a wardrobe piece that's got history :) I always get to buy fun kitschy mugs thrifting too, hehe! But I'm also a bargain shopper--more just because I can readily find the specific things that I want in my size (I'm super petite). So it's a toss up.

Following you!

<3 Cambria

I ALWAYS want to get into thrifting but never can just go and do it. I always seem to be the one spending a ton on something someone else paid .25 on. haha

Emily at Amazing Grapes

They are so inspiring! I'm still doing my little thrift shopping here and there and find really good deals. There is no doubt I can learn a thing or two from these lovely people! I love the shirt!

My sister (who is the QUEEN of thrifting!) challenged me to thrift shop for one week...I was hooked! I will never purchase brand new skirts or jeans for B ever! I have found really nice, nearly new quality jeans and skirts and jackets for B and I. I also purchase all of my larger decorating frames from thrift stores also! A little spray paint and they are like new!

My sister (who is the QUEEN of thrifting!) challenged me to thrift shop for one week...I was hooked! I will never purchase brand new skirts or jeans for B ever! I have found really nice, nearly new quality jeans and skirts and jackets for B and I. I also purchase all of my larger decorating frames from thrift stores also! A little spray paint and they are like new!

Great post I now have become a frequent thrifter and I love I feel like the most amazing pieces I have found have been at thrift stores



Im actually a lifer when it comes to thrifting. When I was younger we did it out of necessity but it has stuck with me and I am proud to say that probably 95% of everything in my home is thrifted and I am very proud of it :) My husband is even a thrifter.

I am definitely a thrifter!! I am fairly new to it but I wish I had the patience for it sooner I've found some amazing items in thrift stores!!!! My mom used to drag me every Saturday to go with her but I always hated it until now.

Girl I am BOTH. A thrifter & bargainista!

I love those little tees. I am sorry I missed the NYC event he organized. I hope he plans another!

Hmmm... I used to do thrifting when i lived in the US. Unfortunately there are no good thrift stores in Indonesia. Sometimes some ladies will get together to throw a 2-day garage sale, but since it's not something permanent, and traffic jam is a big problem in Jakarta, it becomes inconvenient to specially drive to that event, unless you live pretty close.
Anyway, I love thrifting not just because it saves money. I love it because you can find really one of a kind thing, AND I do believe in recycling. I think we waste too much stuffs when it can be reused or regifted.

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LeeAnne, Style N Season

I love the concept of thrifting but haven't actually done so myself. My Goodwill isn't of a particularly great caliber (ie I can't even find a leather belt I like) so I gave up on it all together. However I do love eBay, which is a great place for new items for very very cheap.

I've found that Thrift stores are not created equally. I love the term bargainista.

@Anna. eBay is another rad place I like to browse.

I'm a thrifter AND a bargain hunter!! ^.^

Thrifting is a lifestyle and I love it!


I seriously have to go thrifting more often! Luckily I found a great place in our town for thrifting that I happened to stumble upon! :)


Yes thrifting is becoming a lifestyle. Great finds, bargain prices. Can't beat that.

I am both a thrifter and bargain shopper! I always need the bigger better deal! Thanks for another great post! its been fun following you! Hope you can check out my blog and do the same!


@Satin And Salt

Thank you S & S. I am following you now as well. Thank you again for supporting my blog.

I am a thrifter and a bargain shopper! I learned both of these things from my mother. It helps me to save money on some things so I can splurge on others!

Great post, Dr. Reginia

I was in Los Angeles but mad I missed this event! I'm a huge thrifter! xoxo

I swear I should jump on this thrifting band wagon.

would love for us to follow each other. xo

I love thrift shopping! I love the hunt!

Lindsey Turner

I've never been a thrifter. But I'm amazed at some of the things my friends find thrifting. I may need to start. :)

love thrifting!!


it is amazing the treasure you can find in thrift stores!! for like $5!!! worth the time and effort many times...
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

i'm glad that so many people are embracing a more frugal lifestyle. it's been years since i've thrifted, but i like it! make sure to check out my $50 gift card giveaway :)

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